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Counting On: Tornado Warning Gets Joy-Anna Forsyth Nervous In The RV

Counting On: Tornado Warning Gets Joy-Anna Forsyth Nervous In The RV

Counting On spoilers revealed that  Joy-Anna Forsyth and her husband Austin have been fixing up an RVF so the family can go camping. Actually, TLC fans really think that they did a nice job of it. Camping seems like such a fun activity for the family in spring. However, this year, tornados devasted a lot of places. And, it can’t be fun to be camping in an RV when a tornado warning arrives.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Has A Good Time Recently

In the past month or so, it’s been a fun time for Austin and his family. First, they flew out to Los Angeles to catch up with Jinger and Jeremy. There, the kids, Evelyn Mae and her big brother Gideon enjoyed a lot of fun playing with their cousins. Meanwhile, Austin enjoyed the warmer weather in California. Mind you it wasn’t as hot as they expected.

Later, Counting On fans were surprised to see that Jinger and Jeremy flew to Arkansas and stayed with Joy-Anna. Many people felt shocked because of Jinger’s controversial book, Becoming Free Indeed.  Contrary to theories that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cut off their daughter, TLC fans saw that Joy shared a video showing Jinger, her mom, and all her sisters reuniting. She said that they all had the best time.

Counting On: Good Times To Scary Times – Tornado Warning

The good times seemed very uncertain for Joy-Anna and her family when they decided to go camping in their RV. In a new video that dropped on YouTube on April 7, she revealed some nervous moments. Bear in mind, Joy and Austin had the kids with them. Before they arrived at the campsite, the kids were really excited. Joy said, “it’s going to be so much fun.” Meanwhile, Austin said, “we’re making memories.”

Counting On: Tornado Warning Gets Joy-Anna Forsyth Nervous In The RV

Counting On fans who watched the video heard that it rained most of the day in the camp. Plus, Joy-Anna said that it was “expected to rain tomorrow.” Then, panning the camera around the campsite that looks quite exposed, she said, ‘the ranger drove by and he said like, ‘by the way  there’s a tornado watch for all night long.” Fortunately, Austin had his rescue radio with him, so they put it on charge “all night.”

Preparing For A Tornado

Counting On fans might understand why Joy-Anna Forsyth looked a bit dubious. She said that Austin and others went and “found a culvert” for them to crawl under if necessary. However, she rather hoped that instead, they “would have a good time.”  But that night, it rained when they were by the campfire. It poured down. But fortunately, the tornado warning was removed.

Did you ever sit in a campsite in an RV while a tornado emergency alert was on the go? Let us know in the comments below.

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