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LPBW Fans Theorize About Audrey Roloff On An Expensive Vacation

LPBW Fans Theorize About Audrey Roloff On An Expensive Vacation

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy left Little People Big World (LPBW) years ago but they don’t seem to lack cash. Actually, they seem to live rather lavishly, and some folks wonder if all that money could possibly come from their marriage journals. This week, they are on a very expensive vacation, and naturally, fans wonder how they can afford it.

Audrey Roloff Gets Criticized For Acting Entitled

For many TLC fans, any sort of vacation would be a wonderful thing. Not everyone can afford a lot of vacations, after all. And yet, she’s forever flaunting their wonderful trips away. And then, that makes people mad when she comes up with complaints about the lack of service. Or, she moans about the extra costs that are not detailed in the fine print,

Audrey Roloff and her husband moved into a home on a new farm and her fans were happy. Actually, to give Jeremy credit he did a lot of fixing up. But many people thought they might be stretched for cash as she talked about the state of the economy, Well, they do have a best-selling novel, marriage journals, and a podcast. Additionally, they sell essential oils and do a lot of promos on social media. But does that run to the cost of the current expensive vacation?

Audrey Roloff On An Expensive Vacation

Just a few weeks ago, the family enjoyed a vacation to Disney. Now, they are skiing, but not at a local, place just down the road. Instead, Little People Big World fans noticed they are at the Stein Erickson Lodge in Utah. Actually, it appears they stay in the lodge, rather than in a nearby BnB. If you don’t know, the place charges a whopping $2,000 upwards a night.

Audrey Roloff Ski Vacation
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Stories and dumped plenty of photos of them enjoying the lodge and the slopes. Actually seeing that many of their fans can’t relate to that sort of cost for a vacay, she rubbed some of them up the wrong way. Over on the Little People Big World Reddit page, the luxury trip was discussed in some detail.

LPBW Fans Wonder About Audrey And Jeremy On Expensive Vacation
Little People Big World / Reddit

U/Other-Statistician53 asked, “Is the resort letting them stay for free in return for social media posts?”  They opined, “That resort is so expensive and they’re in a huge suite. I have a feeling they cant afford that otherwise.”

Affordability Discussed By LPBW Fans

Audrey Roloff was put under the microscope by Redditors. One of them said, “Auj/Jer are staying in a large suite at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, a hotel, on Deer Valley. I believe if Auj/Jer were paying for the accommodations themselves, they would not have stayed in the main hotel but vrbo’d one of the many ski-in/ski-out private residences within the resort.”

Naturally, that led people to believe that the resort is probably letting them stay for free in exchange for her promoting the place on social media. Bear in mind, she has over a million followers on Instagram.  The question is, how many of them could afford to pay that kind of money to stay there?

Some folks believe that they make really good money off their businesses. One of them noted, “You are severely underestimating how much people make from social media. Plus her mlm income, they can easily afford it. Influencers make a sh-t ton of money, even people with half her follower amount.”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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