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Return to Amish Welcomes Fannie Schmucker

Return to Amish Welcomes Fannie Schmucker

Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates tease that the show is welcoming a new cast member. Fannie Schmucker is joining the reality TV show, and here’s what fans need to know.

TLC’s popular reality series Return to Amish has returned with an exciting season 7, boasting fresh new faces to make things more exciting. While the show typically features Amish youth who are intrigued about the outside world, this season introduces someone looking to break with tradition, and that person is Schmucker.

She is part of a strict old-order Amish community. She used to be content being Amish, and she was even set to get married. Unfortunately, things changed drastically for her, and she decided to change the course of her life.

“My whole life was mapped out for me. And then a few days ago, I told him about my secret cell phone, which we shouldn’t have in our community,” she shared.

Fannie’s Failed Engagement

Regrettably, Fannie’s fiancé betrayed her. After declining to surrender her mobile device so that he could destroy it, he escalated the situation by reporting her to a higher authority

“I wouldn’t do it, so he went and told the bishop. I thought I loved him, but… how can I marry someone I don’t trust?” she asked.

She revealed that her community would avoid her and condemn her to hell after she got caught with her cell phone. She explained that a person, who was baptized in their church and shunned for violating their rules, needs to confess their sins in front of the whole church. She needs to get on her knees, apologize, promise to do better, and ask for forgiveness. Once done, the church will decide whether they will forgive her or not.

Return to Amish Welcomes Fannie Schmucker

If she’s forgiven, she can return to church. But if not, she needs to avoid town. Everyone will ignore her, and she’ll be left all to herself.

“I have a feeling that Amish women can hardly go wrong. We’re expected to be perfect, and we’re expected to play by the rules,” Fannie argued.

“There is no one who will be able to live perfectly. It is not possible,” she continued.

Return to Amish premiered on TLC ON Tuesday, March 14. Returning cast members are Rosanna Miller, Johnny Detweiler, Jeremiah Raber, Carmela Raber, and Sabrina Burkholder.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Return to Amish right now. Come back here often for Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates.

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