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Counting On Alum Jinger Vuolo Looks Great In Ripped Jeans And Sweater

Counting On Alum Jinger Vuolo Looks Great In Ripped Jeans And Sweater

These days, seeing Counting On star Jinger Vuolo dressing contrary to her dad’s strict rules is becoming less shocking toi TLC fans. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar always made their daughters dress in dowdy hand-me-downs. But since she married Jeremy, she developed her own sense of style. Although she’s a famous author now, she remains true to herself and looked great in ripped jeans this weekend.

Counting On Star Junger Vuolo Is Even More Famous Now

While the TLC show was still on, fans definitely favored JIngher as a favorite. After all, she married Jeremy and moved away to Laredo in Texas. Apparently, her mom took it quite hard. Next, they moved to Los Angeles and fans started to see her wearing more casual clothing. Well, now that she made it to the bestsellers list of the New York Times, she could get all proud and only wear expensive brands. However, she doesn’t seem inclined to do that.

Counting On fans noticed that more often, Jeremy’s wife wears shorts. As she clearly works out, she’s got the legs to flaunt them. However, her dad, Jim Bob Duggar would probably have a fit if he saw her strolling through Walmart showing off so much of her body. Interestingly she still helps out that the church where Jeremy preaches, and she’s not worried about wearing ripped jeans there, either.

Counting On Fans Love Jinger Vuolo In Her Ripped Jeans & Sweater

On April 1, Jeremy’s wife took to her Instagram account and posted up a photo of herself. In it, she wore light blue ripped jeans, a striped, multi-colored sweater, and pink shoes. She carried a bag and a bottle of apple juice. In her caption, she said, “Saturday morning kids play day at church. Don’t know if you can tell, but I was on juice duty 🍎.”

Counting On Alum Jinger Vuolo Looks Great In Ripped Jeans And Swearter
Jinger Vuolo / Instagram

Counting On fans thought she looked so nice. And, so did her sister Joy-Anna Forsyth. She responded by writing, “Cute sweater! 😉”

Well, many people just wanted to know where they could buy the same shoes. If you don’t know, they are New Balance, an affordable but comfortable brand. Other fans also loved the sweater that the former TLC star wore. If you are wondering where Jinger got her sweater from, well, one fan who also has one claimed that they are stocked at “Walmart.”

Is Jinger’s Family Safe In Arkansas

Counting On fans who follow the news know that most of the Duggar family live in Arkansas. If you don’t know, there were terrible tornados there recently. One fan hoped they were okay. Well, if they were not, Jinegr would have likely mentioned that.

A fan who lives in the same town as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar assured fans that none of them were impacted by the bad weather. If you don’t know, Jinger recently caught up with the family in Arkansas, and yes, she wore long pants when she reunited with her mom!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the former Counting On stars right now. Come back here often for Duggar Family News spoilers, news, and updates.

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