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Seeking Sister Wife Alums Share Their Thoughts On Brother Husbands

Seeking Sister Wife Alums Share Their Thoughts On Brother Husbands

Seeking Sister Wife fans are curious about the polygamous lifestyle of Colton Winder and his two wives, Tami and Sophie, Interestingly, they seem to differ from the approach taken by Kody Brown on Sister Wives. Furthermore, it seems that they disagree with the idea of a woman seeking more than one husband. That came in a Q&A and the question might have been sparked by TLC’s new show, Seeking Brother Husband. 

Seeking Sister Wife Seems To be Carnal Rather Than Spiritual

The whole thing about the TLC show seems to be to get as many women into bed as possible. Even Garrick Merrifield, who claimed he wanted more wives because of his faith, seemed rather more interested in hopping into bed with Roberta than anything else.  Meanwhile, people like Ashley and Dimitri Snowden seemed to focus on that as well. Notably, the only people who were in it for spiritual reasons were Colton Winder and his wives.

Seeking Sister Wife fans met Colton in season 2 of the show. At the time, he admitted to a lot of negative things in plural marriage, but he also found a lot of joy in it as well. Recall, they never got in a third wife, and unlike Kody brown, they don’t seem to think it’s a major problem. If you don’t know, Kody seemed to want Meri around because, in terms of Joseph Smith’s original teachings, he needs at least three wives to get into heaven.

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Colton Says Polygamists Don’t Need 3 Wives

A fan who looks at considering entering polygamy asked if they really “need 3 wives,” Interestingly, Colton claimed he never found anything “conclusively answered in doctrine anywhere,” What he did find is that “a man with many wives that isn’t faithful and worthy won’t enter the celestial kingdom.” Sorry, not sorry Kody Brown! Anyway, that also applies to women, which could mean a problem for Meri with her catfish.

Seeking Sister Wife Alums Share Their Thoughts On Brother Husbands
The Winder Family / Instagram Stories

Another question answered by the Seeking Sister Wife alum was about women having more than one husband. Perhaps the question arose after the new show, Seeking Brother Husband appeared on TLC. A fan asked, “I’ve always wondered, why is polygamy only for men and not women?” Well, Colton gave an explanation that seems to deliver a reasonable answer.

Brother Husbands Is Carnal & Unfair Says Colton

The Seeking Sister Wife alum explained that in his belief, taking on extra men seems more “carnal” than spiritual. After all, it would be “unfair” to the woman.  Bear in mind, the principle of Colton’s faith is to raise many kids. And, in fact, one woman with many husbands would probably wear herself out. That brings Michelle Duggar to mind, who reportedly suffers physical pain from birthing all of her kids.

The new TLC show doesn’t seem to bring much about faith being the reason for extra husbands, so the comparison between the two different approaches might not worry fans too much. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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