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Sister Wives Fans of Janelle Brown Love Her Raw and Authentic Post

Sister Wives Fans of Janelle Brown Love Her Raw and Authentic PostSister Wives fans always liked Janelle Brown because she loves sharing about the farmer’s market, good food, and raising kids. However, these days, she gets even more love because she seems to be very authentic and doesn’t mind posting raw photos on her social media. This week, many of her followers praised her for not being too shy about exposing her vulnerability.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Works On Her Health

Even before she started marketing Plexus products, Kody’s second wife tried to eat healthy meals. Actually, she seemed to start attempting to lose weight more seriously after the family moved to Flagstaff. Perhaps it came because she took to the wilderness so well. It can be hard to hike around if excess weight makes it bothersome to walk up hills. These days, she mixes lifestyle with diet, and she learned how to resist her temptations.

Sister Wives fans know that these days, Janelle travels a lot to market her product. However, she doesn’t only post perfect photos of herself to promote it. Actually, Christine also does the same business marketing, but she tends to often look perfect. Meanwhile, Janelle is happy to share her limitations and struggles on her road to good health. This week, she shared about taking small steps.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Gets Real About Her Fitness Journey

This week, Kody’s former second wife took to her Instagram and got raw and authentic. In the post, she shared a photo of herself looking rather uncomfortable doing Pilates. Then, in her caption, she said, “Posting this unfiltered photo of me from Pilates today was a scary proposition.” She mentioned that it’s time to work on her “core and flexibility.” And, she admitted that she’s far from “perfect.”

Sister Wives Fans of Janelle Brown Love Her Raw & Authentic Post
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Next, she mentioned her hesitation to share the photo becausesocial media can be pretty brutal.” However, she also believes that there’s “power in being authentic.” So, she encouraged her Sister Wives fans to not hide the small steps, because“progress isn’t always obvious or perfect.” Well, she needn’t have worried, because so many people could relate to that. 

TLC Fans React To Authentic Post

Sister Wives fans took to the comments and one of them opined, “working hard to improve ourselves should always be applauded no matter what stage of the journey we’re in. well done 👏.”

Meanwhile, another follower wrote, “I love your honesty and authenticity. You are inspiring!”

Then another approving fan penned, “You are my Shero! You inspire me to take care of myself.”

Do you like to see how authentic and raw Kody’s former wife seems to be? Does it give you the confidence to keep on celebrating the small steps to health? Let us know in the comments below.

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