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Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Steven’s Police Record Revealed

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Steven's Police Record Revealed

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that with all of the new interest in the show, fans have started to dig deep for information on the cast. In fact, one of the cast members, Kenya Stevens has a criminal record. Although now she is a very successful relationship coach and CEO of Progressive Love Academy, she has some skeletons in her closet.

Her Police Record

From the looks of it, Kenya has been arrested in North Carolina before on a misdemeanor charge. The charge was for assault and it happened in September 2014. This happened shortly after she had an incident with her husband, Carl Stevens. Carl is her first husband. It seems as if they were having a domestic dispute. However, in the police report, Carl was the person listed by the police as the victim of the incident.

This wasn’t the only thing listed in the report though. There was a witness to this argument named Nathan, but of course, there is no information about what his relation was to the couple. Could this have been another prospect for her new husband? What happened in this situation? There isn’t a lot said about the incident, but from the looks of it, she spent the night in jail and her mug shot is on record.

Kenya’s Anger Issues

Kenya has been open with those who have followed her on social media. She talked about how being in a monogamous relationship made her very angry and it was hard for her to control that anger. Apparently, she wasn’t getting the attention that she craved. According to her, “I couldn’t get the sex I needed. I was stressed out in a nuclear family.” She and Carl have been polyamorous since 2005, but apparently, her needs weren’t being met by him or any other men.

Now that she is on the show, she has gotten a lot of hate because how she wants more husbands. Some viewers feel like it is wrong to call these relationships marriages since she and Carl are basically “swingers”. Nonetheless, the show is following what happens next for them. We will get to follow their journey to find more men to add to Kenya’s marriage in hopes that she can get all of her needs met.

Seeking Brother Husband Spoilers: Kenya Steven's Police Record Revealed

Seeking Brother Husband airs on Sunday nights on TLC and you can find out if she actually does find another husband. The tension, drama, and jealousy will all be there for us to watch. Hopefully, there won’t be any domestic disputes.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Brother Husband right now. Come back here often for Seeking Brother Husband spoilers, news, and updates.

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