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Is Love After Lockup Star Andrea Hoping To Get Back On WEtv?

Is Love After Lockup Star Andrea Hoping To Get Back On WEtv?

Love After Lockup stars Andrea the Mormon, and Lamar Jackson really didn’t make much of an effort to keep WEtv fans engaged after their last appearance on the franchise. In fact, the last time she posted before this week, came over two years ago. However, now that he’s apparently back in prison, she posted several times about being a prison wife again. And fans think she angles to get back on Reality TV.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Suddenly Gets Talkative On Social Media

WEtv fans heard very little about Lamar and Andrea after the first time they saw them in Season 1.  Naturally, if they don’t engage, then people find it difficult to keep track of their lives. Recall, she came from Utah and was a Mormon, She met him through a church program while he was serving 18 years in prison. Meanwhile, he came from LA and she feared that if they lived there, he would get back in with the wrong crowd.

Love After Lockup fans saw Andrea suddenly resurface on Instagram on the weekend. Out of the blue, she posted tp about being a “Prison Wife Again!!!” Additionally, she tagged her husband and claimed that “This Life is not for the weak.” Questions from old fans didn’t get a response, so many people wondered why she bothered to post the update.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Posts About Lamar Jackson Again

WEtv fans seem a bit suspicious about why they think her followers would really be all that worried about Lamar being locked up again. After all, it seemed that fans were unimportant to her when things were possibly going well for her. Mind you, some followers did feel sad about Lamar, who seemed like a nice enough guy. Now, she posted about getting approval to visit him in prison.

Is Love After Lockup Star Andrea Hoping To Get Back On WEtv
@Andreathemormom visa @rewatchreality / Instagram

Once again, the former WEtv star talked  about being a prison wife. So, Love After Lockup fans started wondering why she pushes the fact that she’s a wife of a prisoner so hard. Some of thejkm clearly suspect that she wants to get noticed by WEtv and get cast again. Someof them mentioned Love During Lockup.

Looking For More TV Time?

More than one Love After Lockup fan commented about what seems like push for being back on WEtv. One of them wrote, “How many times she gonna post she’s a prison wife? Girl we get it.” And others also wondered the same thing.

This comment arrived: “Girl we get it, your a prison wife again 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ I guess she coming back to the show.”

Another sketpic claimed, “It’s giving “I need money, put me back on the show [vibes].”

This commenter opined, “She’s letting WETV know she’s ready to come [back].”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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