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Sister Wives: Mitch Thompson Updates On European Vacation

Sister Wives: Mitch Thompson Updates On European Vacation

Sister Wives fans heard that Mitch Thompson and his wife, Aspyn Brown went to France for a vacation. Well, given that King Charles held off going there because of riots, are things going okay for them? Judging by social media, the riots, combined with strikes, spread from Paris to other centers like Lyon and Toulouse. So, some TLC fans fear that things might be dangerous or spoil the TLC alums’ trip away.

Sister Wives: Mitch & Aspyn Thompson Went To Paris

Christine’s eldest daughter and her husband flew out of the USA on March 19. The news came via Mitch’s Instagram and he shared a happy photo of them aboard a plane. Actually, Aspyn doesn’t share her posts with TLC fans, and Mitch only posts occasionally.  So, fans were happy to hear about their vacation.  At the time, some people who had been in Europe recently cautioned them about the strikes and protests.

Sister Wives fans who follow the news probably already heard about the riots in the streets of Paris. As Paris was their destination, naturally, they hoped that feedback would reveal that the couple didn’t get caught up in it. Obviously, they waited for feedback and a day ago, Mitch returned to his Instagram with an update.

Sister Wives: Updaste from Mitch & Aspyn In Paris, France

When Mitch shared his update, he posted a photo of them standing on a brick-cobbled street. It looked a bit damp and cold as they both dressed warmly. In his caption, he said, “We are having a great time abroad.” Additionally, he geotagged them as being in Paris, France. Notably, the area where they took the photo didn’t have a single garbage bag or rioter in sight.

Sister Wives Mitch Thompson Updates On European Vacation
Mitch Thompson / Instagram

Sister Wives fans might not know that the riots came after President Macron declared a new retirement age. The problem seems to be that he apparently bypassed their parliament to do so. Whatever the reason, people see from the media that the French people often protest, riot, or strike. Remember the Yellow Jackets? Perhaps it all depends on which part of the city you visit if you want a hassle-free vacation.

TLC Fans React To News

Sister Wives fans talked about the protests. One of them said, “Hope you are not struggling too much with the strikes and protests. 🙏🏼 Paris is a beautiful city.” Unfortunately, they didn’t reply. But as they seem to be enjoying themselves, probably they avoided those areas of the city.

Other fans were content just to comment on how happy they looked. One follower said, “you guys make such a beautiful couple. Love the show hope you are both loving married life.”

Have you been to Paris recently? Did you see any protests? Let us know in the comments below.

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