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90 Day Fiance: Emily And Kobe Get Mixed Responses After 2 Years Of Marriage

90 Day Fiance: Emily And Kobe Get Mixed Responses After 2 Years Of Marriage90 Day Fiance fans met Kobe, a model from Cameroon who met Emily while they were both in China.  Actually, they instantly liked Kobe but didn’t have much time for Emily who seemed very bossy and rude. Anyway, she fell pregnant and went back stateside, but because of the pandemic, there was a delay for him to get to the USA and get a green card. Actually, they have known each other for a long time. Recently, they celebrated their second year of marriage.

90 Day Fiance Fans Didn’t Like Emily Much

While fans didn’t take to Emily, they did like her dad who let them stay in his basement while they saved up for their own place. Additionally, they liked that he told them about not making babies in his house. Not that it worked., She had already given birth to Koban but she fell pregnant again. Actually, her dad’s got a great sense of humor, so he started a business line selling condoms that go with his phrase, “You better not get pregnant.”

90 Day Fiance fans wondered how Kobe could ever put up with Emily. After all, he got so angry with her controlling ways, that he told her to “shut the F*** up.”  Fan cheered back then, but they didn’t think the couple would ever survive together. Apart from being plain horrid to him, sometimes she came out with all sorts of trust issues. Well, it seems that their trainwreck righted itself because they met six years ago and have been married for two years now.

90 Day Fiance: Six Years & Married For Two

This week, @90dayfianceupdates reshared a photo of Kobe and Emily with the two kids. In the caption, they pointed out that “Kobe & Emily [were] 6 years together and 2 years married!” Well, followers liked seeing the kids. However, they didn’t seem thrilled by Emily. Actually, a lot of them said they won’t watch her on Pillow Talk.

90 Day Fiance Emily And Kobe Get Mixed Responses After 2 Years Of Marriage
@90dayfianceupdate / Instagram

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote “Can’t believe they’re still together. How he can put up with her is beyond me.:

Actually, a few people agreed with that opinion. One of them said, “right?! She’s SOOOO ANNOYING- I couldn’t watch them on Pillow Talk.”

Meanwhile, others complained because she always seemed to be very rude to Kobe. One of them wrote, “I’m sure that the only reason he hasn’t left her is because of the kids🤔.”

Some People Like them As A Couple

90 Day Fiance fans gave mixed responses and not everyone hates Emily. Some people just hope that they sorted out their differences and that the family lives relatively tension-free. One person opted to compromise. They wrote, “Kobe is an outstanding individual, what he sees in Emily is beyond me. I don’t like her. But, who am I to say anything….As long as they’re happy, that’s great for them!”

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