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Love After Lockup: Is Lamar Jackson Back In The Slammer?

Love After Lockup: Is Lamar Jackson Back In The Slammer?

Love After Lockup fans first met Lamar Jackson and Andrea in Season 1 of the WEtv show. Well, the years have passed and now there are fears that he might have broken the law. This week, a post on Instagram strongly suggested that he’s back in the slammer. Of course, fans are discussing the probability of that.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Got Into Trouble Before

Back in 2020, WEtv fans heard that both Lamar and Andrea didn’t post all that much on social media. Actually, it’s been years since Andrea last shared anything on her page. So, it hasn’t been easy to keep track of the family. At one stage, they were divided on whether they should move to Tennessee or to Utah. One thing that fans do know though is that Lamar managed to break his probation conditions by hanging with the wrong crowd.

Love After Lockup fans might recall that Lamar and Andrea were in Las Angeles at one stage. The trouble is that very little info comes about their lives. So, fans felt a bit upset when she finally broke her silence and then gave no additional information. The last time she posted on Instagram came during Black History Month in February 2021.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Hints Lamar Jackson Went Back Inside

This weekend, Andrea took to her Instagram and shared a post that didn’t mention Lamar’s name. Instead of a photo, she posted up a slide that read: “I Am … A Prison Wife Again!!!” Additionally, she tagged Lamar, and said, “This Life is not for the weak …” However, despite people asking what happened, she ignored most of them. Actually, she did say in one comment that she “wouldn’t wish” this type of thing even on her “enemy. “

Love After Lockup Is Lamar Jackson Back In The Slammer
@Andreathemormom / Instagram

One WEtv fan seemed very upset, saying to Andrea, “After 3 yrs, you come on here with bad news and no explanation? Like, is it for a short or long term? You left Lamar’s fans hangin’! 😢😢.” However, they also added, “But anyway, dam!! So sorry to hear our dude is back there! Had very high hopes for him!” Apart from causing an argument about that comment with other fans, they did at least add, “Hang on there!”

More Comments Followed

Love After Lockup fans don’t know if there was a big crime involved. Remember, he went inside for 18 years because of charges relating to firearms. If he did something wrong with guns now, he could be back in prison for a long time. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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