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Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Claims She’s Healing

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Claims She's Healing

Unexpected alum Hailey Tilford didn’t appear on the TLC show for very long and actually started out as a supporting character. Mind you it turned out she wasn’t at all supportive as she stole Hailey Tomlinson’s baby daddy, Matthew Blevins. This week, she claimed that she’s healing now and attributed the breakup as being the best thing.

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Broke Up With A Few Guys

Matthew Blevins sat front and center in the life of two Haileys in the TLC show. Recall, he dated Hailey Tomlinson but when her baby was coming along, he cheated with her bestie, Hailey Tilford. Whether they were really best friends isn’t known and that might have just been for added drama. After all, Hailey Tilford seemed altogether too smug when she outed Matthew to his baby mama.

Unexpected fans almost forgot Hailey Tilford And Matthew Blevins. Recall, after they split, she took up with a nice young guy named Cole Smith but before long, he also left. Apparently, Matthew believed he might have been the real dad of her son Levi. Then, she started dating one of Matthew’s older relatives. That breakup also came along. So, it is not clear which breakup she referred to in a recent TikTok that she shared on Instagram

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Declares She’s Healing

The last time that the TLC alum posted on Instagram came in January. At the time, she said that she would make 2023 the “best version of herself.”  This week, she returned to the site twice in one day.  In her first post, she shared some selfies and wrote, “I’m in my healing era and let’s just say I’ve never been happier with life 💗✨.”

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Claims She's Healing
Hailey Tilford / Instagram

The Unexpected alum then posted a TikTok video where she looked grim before cheering up. In that caption, she wrote, “That break up SAVED ME 😌🌷.” Some people trolled her. Actually, she chose a rather unfortunate handle on Instagram: “@get-like-hailey.” Nobody wanted to get like Hailey after she stole her friend’s man and then had a succession of guys.

Mental Health Issues

Not all Unexpected fans who saw the posts trolled the former TLC star. After all, she often talked about her struggle with mental health over the years. One loyal fan said, “You look great girl. People should clean their own backyards before looking in yours. 👏👏👏.”

Another one complimented her, saying, “Girl you are GLOWING😍.”

Of course, others reminded her of her sins in the eyes of social media, but she does seem to be looking to be in a better place with her mental health these days.

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