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Life After Lockup: Chance Pitt’s Lies Have Caught Up With Him

Life After Lockup: Chance Pitt’s Lies Have Caught Up With HimIn Life After Lockup, Chance Pitt has been taking risks when it comes to his relationship with Tayler George. She knows he has been lying and sneaking around and finally decides to do something about it. When she does, things quickly get worse.

Life After Lockup’s Chance and Tayler

When it comes to Chance Pitt, the Life After Lockup star has been lying to Tayler George and she knows it. In fact, their relationship is currently on the line with what he has been hiding and she has had enough.

Moreover, Tayler has no idea just how bad things are, but she is learning fast. For this reason, the WEtv reality star decides to get his phone to find out what exactly he is hiding from her.

One thing Tayler has noticed all along is that Chance is very protective of his phone, which she finds odd. For that reason, she wants to get hold of his phone to find out exactly what is going on.

Tayler gets hold of Chance’s phone and gets shocked

While Chance is in the shower, she spots his phone, grabs it, and starts swiping through his information. However, Tayler discovers more than she expected to find. For one thing, the Life After Lockup star finds out about their money problems. However, she also finds out that Chance is shadier than she ever thought.

Tayler has known all along that Chance is up to something, but scrolling through his text messages reveals that he has also been cheating on her. That is one fact she cannot accept from her fiancé. Not only are they supposed to be engaged, but they are also expecting their baby anytime now. Due to this, Tayler’s emotions are already crazy, but this bit of information truly takes her over the edge.

While Chance is the one that is cheating and has been caught out, he explodes when he finds her phone is missing. When he starts screaming at her about his phone, she cannot believe his nerve. Taylor knew he would panic when he knew he had been caught out, but to take it out on her when he is the one doing wrong, is just too much.

Chance tries to control Tayler

Right from the start of their relationship, Chance has tried to control Tayler, including kicking her sister Bobbi George out of their home.

Chance has also taken control of their finances, making every decision for both of them and even worse, he forced Tayler into a paternity test to prove the baby is his. Meanwhile, she says that everything has been about him from the very start, but now she is ready to reclaim some of her power.

Moreover, now she knows what her fiancé is up to, she has something in store for the Life After Lockup star. In fact, she sends him the ultimate message by removing all his belongings from their home and setting fire to them.

While at first, Chance is mad at Tayler, when he finds out how serious she is, he gets nervous, realizing he may have taken things too far. With his bad handling of his finances, he is now broke and when she kicks him out of their home, he has nowhere to go.

In fact, Chance realizes that if he doesn’t fix things with Tayler, he is heading for serious trouble.

Watch Friday’s episode of Life After Lockup at 9 pm ET on WEtv to find out what happens next.

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