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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Introduces Hunter And Audrey’s Pup

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Introduces Hunter And Audrey's Pup

It’s been a bittersweet week for Sister Wives star Janelle Brown. Her puppy Jack fell ill and despite hopes that he could be saved, Jack passed away. On the other hand, she got to spend time with her boys, Hunter, Gabe, and Garrison. If you don’t know, Hunter is dating Audrey who he met while studying nursing. On Wednesday, Janelle revealed that they have the cutest puppy.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Enjoys Time With Her Family

Whenever she gets together with her family, Kody’s former second wife shares photos. Actually, TLC fans adore the kids, especially Gabe. But Hunter is also admired because he did well at the Airforce Academy. Then, he chose nursing as a career and that’s a caring job. Actually, he met someone named Audrey in the same profession and apparently, they now live closer to his mom than before.

Sister Wives fans spotted Audrey in Janelle’s photos quite a long time ago. Actually, she was there in Thanksgiving pictures last year. All of her kids, bar Maddie Brown Brush, posed for a photo along with Christine’s son, Peadon. Logan and his wife, Michelle Petty were also there. Naturally, people talked about Audrey and Hunter because they seem to be very serious about each other.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reveals Hunter And Audrey’s Cute Puppy

This week, Janelle felt down about Jack passing away. However, she cheered up when she and her boys, along with Audrey went out for dinner. Later, she took to her Instagram Stories and revealed that she’s been babysitting the puppy that Hunter and Audrey share. Having a puppy seems to indicate a next-level relationship.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Introduces Hunter And Audrey's Pup
Janelle Brown / Instagram Stories

Sister Wives fans saw that the puppy is white and very cute. In her caption, the TLC star said that the little puppy is “a tiny chihuahua,” She looked after the pup when Hunter and Audrey decided to hit the slopes. While she didn’t tell fans the name of the pup, she did mention that the little boy dog “wants to cuddle 24/7.”

Dog Mom Doesn’t Mind Babysitting Puppies

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle loves dogs and she passed on that love to her son, Gabe. Recall, when he was so upset about leaving Las Vegas, she got him a rescue pup to cuddle. Obi and Bryn live with her and Savanah, but poor Jack passed away after a sudden illness. Hopefully, Hunter’s little puppy gave her some happiness in the absence of Jack.

What do you think of the cute little puppy that spent time with Janelle? He even stayed with her while she attended a Zoom conference. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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