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‘Return To Amish’ New Season To Show Rosanna’s Boyfriend, Johnny

‘Return To Amish’ New Season To Show Rosanna’s Boyfriend, Johnny

Return To Amish spoilers, news, and updates tease that Rosanna has a new boyfriend named Johnny. The TLC show will be back soon for its 7th season. One of the main focuses of the next season would be Rosanna Miller. She was introduced last season and had an English makeover during that time.

However, she decided to go back to her Amish lifestyle at the finale. She met her boyfriend, Johnny Detweiler, upon returning. According to reports, Rosanna and Johnny had been dating since 2021.

What’s in store for Rosanna and Johnny’s relationship in the coming season?

In the upcoming season, it appears that Rosanna and Johnny, along with other people, are heading back to Florida. The trailer shows that Rosanna was curious about the outside world, but she is worried because Johnny wanted her to stay Amish.

When her brother visited them, he found out that they were sharing a bed. It is against the rules for Amish people to share a bed, even for couples. They could be exiled as punishment. It was also shown in the trailer that Rosanna decided to leave because she has had enough.

Many fans have already speculated that Rosanna and Johnny’s relationship is coming to an end. Johnny said that he wants Rosanna to stay Amish for him. But Rosanna was really eager to get a taste of the outside world.

Rosanna And Johnny’s Relationship Is Coming To An End

The couple, even though they have differences, is sharing a child. The 20-year-old gave birth to a daughter last year. She posted it on her Instagram account (which I believe is not a very Amish way to announce a baby or anything for that matter). Their daughter’s name is Clara Rose Detweiler.

‘Return To Amish’ New Season To Show Rosanna’s Boyfriend, Johnny

As we have mentioned, Johnny wants Rosanna to stay Amish for him. He said that the Amish lifestyle doesn’t want them to see the outside world and that they don’t want them to get a taste of it. But Rosanna thinks that there is a lot more to see outside, and she is determined to see them. It seems like she doesn’t want to be held back by the lifestyle she grew up in, especially by Johnny.

But these are just a few bits of the new season. We are yet to find out what will happen to the couple. After all, they are raising a child together. The show will return on Tuesday, March 14, on TLC.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Return To Amish right now. Come back here often for Return To Amish news and updates.

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