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Sister Wives: TLC Allegedly Seeks A Polygamist Family To Replace Kody

Sister Wives: TLC Allegedly Seeks A Polygamist Family To Replace Kody

Sister Wives rumors are spreading like wildfire about the future of the TLC show. Spoilers revealed that Christine is filming. Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that fans won’t see much of Meri Brown. And other rumors suggest that Season 18 will show Kody and Robyn Brown looking for a new wife. Now, a new rumor hints that TLC looks for a replacement family from Seeking Sister Wife.

Sister Wives Rumors About TLC And Seeking Sister Wife

When fans saw the direction that the new spinoff was going in, a lot of them didn’t like the tone of it. For example, they felt that it was more about hopping into bed with multiple women than anything else. Actually, the Merrifields come to mind. In fact, some people hoped that Winders might be the new Brown family. However, they left the show and don’t seem keen on returning.

Sister Wives fans wondered if there would even be anything worth showing about Kody Brown in the future. After all, three of his wives separated from him. Apparently, other rumors indicate that Christine’s new boyfriend, David Woolley might be filming for Season 18. But really, most fans just want to see the end of the show. So, there’s not a lot of joy about the new rumored replacement family.

New Sister Wives Family From Seeking Sister Wife On TLC

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball posted about TLC allegedly looking for a new family. In her post on March 13, she shared a screenshot of an advert for more cast members for Seeking. According to Katie, someone who used to belong to that AUB church claims“that TLC production companies are sniffing around a polygamist ranch in Humansville, Missouri to find a family to potentially replace the Browns on Sister Wives.”

Sister Wives TLC Allegedly Seeks A Polygamist Family To Replace Kody
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Allegedly one of the families has a bad past, so they look for someone else. Additionally, the speculation is that they will be used in Seeking Sister Wife and then move over to replace Kody Brown and his family on the original show. The claims allege that there was some history of abuse with the original folks identified for the show.

TLC Viewers Respond To The New Rumor

Sister Wives fans are not dancing on the ceiling to know that the network allegedly wishes to continue pushing polygamy. One follower wrote, “Perhaps TLC should scrap anymore polygamous marriage & family shows. So much has been exposed, who wants to watch another family go through this?”

Another person penned, “Does anyone else have concerns about TLC and the people who are in control? Seems they are only interested in shows that involve abuse and misogyny.”

Here’s another unhappy follower: “Just do away with sister wives. Forget a replacement. No more of these shows.”

What are your thoughts? do you think it’s time to let these shows about polygamy die away? Sound off in the comments below.

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