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Love After Lockup’s Derek Warner Admits to Repeatedly Cheating on Monique Robinson

Love After Lockup’s Derek Warner Admits to Repeatedly Cheating on Monique RobinsonLove After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates reveal that Derek Warner has cheated on Monique Robinson more than 10 times. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Love After Lockup: How Many Times Has Derek Cheated on Monique?

Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates reveal that, according to All About the Tea, the reality TV star recently confessed to repetitious infidelity to his faithful girlfriend, in a recent interview with Carlos King.

Despite Monique’s certainty that Derek loves her, his actions seem to be proving otherwise. During the interview, the convicted felon admitted to cheating on Robinson at least 10 times, with more than five different women, since he was released from prison.

Could Derek and Monique’s Love After Lockup Be Over?

The Love After Lockup star made the shocking admission that she cheated on Monique barely a month and a half ago. Of course, he’s also promising to remain faithful going forward and Monique, for her part, is warning the ex-convict that if he doesn’t, their relationship will be over.

He also discussed a high-speed chase viewers saw during an episode surrounding a soured love affair that went down behind Monique’s back. They also addressed the viral video clip in which Derek ordered $500 worth of food from a restaurant.

How Do Monique and Derek Handle Their Size-Difference?

“I don’t like how that became a big thing,” Monique told the host. “This is the man I love and care about, even if he came home and wanted to try everything on the menu, I will get that for him. I will not deprive him of anything.” Monique and Derek also reportedly talked

Despite harsh criticism over their noticeable differences — Monique is plus-sized, and Derek is a relatively small man — the couple’s relationship has (thus far) endured. In the interview, the odd couple opened up about the ups and downs of their relationship and how they deal with the public’s reaction to their differences.

Monique Robinson Weighs In

“I never understood the whole insecurity concept that people were saying about me on the show because before I met Derek, and when I met Derek, I was dating people, I was dating other men, I was going out having fun and living my life,” Robinson told Carlos King.

“I didn’t feel the need to go online and search for a man in prison. That never was my intention. I just so happened to come across him, or whatever the case may be. Derek will tell you, when me and him first met, I didn’t take him seriously until maybe the first year. He knew that I was still dealing with my ex at the time, I was still dating, going out, having fun. So, it wasn’t like I was caught up for a man.”

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