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Love After Lockup: Why Is Josh Seiter Revealing Lizzie Kommes Slid Into His DMs?

Love After Lockup: Why Is Josh Seiter Revealing Lizzie Kommes Slid Into His DMs?Love After Lockup star Lizzied Kommes and Josh Seiter went official in 2021. At the time, Josh had broken things off with TLC star Yolanda Leak. Prior to that, Josh was a contestant on The Bachelorette in Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. At the moment, rumor has it that he might be dating WEtv’s Glorietta from Season 2. Now, reality fans want to know why he keeps on revealing his DMs from various TV stars.

Love After Lockup: Josh Seiter Moved On from Lizzie Kommes

Lizzie was older than Josh and she had some crimes on her arrest record. However, he was super-keen because he claimed she amused him. That came after she broke up with Brian. Anyway, it didn’t last and she soon went on an arrest spree for various probation violations.  Since then, Josh has been on a mission to slide into the comments and DMs of almost any female TV star.

Love After Lockup fans recently saw that Josh Seiter seems to be dating Glorietta. Recall, she was also in Season 2 of the show. In fact, fans were convinced that she and Alexander Bentley faked their relationship for the show. Talking of faking, Josh Seiter was accused of faking it with Yolanda Leak as well. And recently, he and TLC’s Natalie Mordovtseva openly talked about faking things for a show.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Wants To Hook Up With Josh Seiter

This weekend, Rebecca from @rewatchreality on Instagram screenshot a conversation between Josh and Lizzie. Actually, Josh has an unfortunate habit of leaking DMs from other TV stars that he pursues. Rebecca said in her caption, “So Josh Seiter from #thebachelorette just revealed his ex girlfriend Lizzie from #loveafterlockup recently hit him up to see if he was down to hang out over the summer.” 

Love After Lockup Why Is Josh Seiter Revealing Lizzie Kommes Slid Into His DMs
Josh Seiter via @rewatchreality / Instagram

Rebecca also said that the Love After Lockup wannabe, Josh claims “he’s madly in love with who I assume is Glorietta, also from Love After Lockup, who he recently called his girlfriend.” Well, the list of people that Josh recently tried to hook up with includes all three Sister Wives stars who left Kody. Then, there’s a growing list of 90 Day Fiance stars like Karine Staehle, Rose Vega, and more. So, TV fans are sick and tired of it.

What is Josh’s Game With Leaking DMs?

Love After Lockup star Lizzie talked about being friends and hanging out for a bit, even if some drama arrived about them being back together. Obviously, she must be a bit puzzled as to why he would go public with it. After all, there’s no reason why he should. So, fans wonder if he just tries to make it look like he’s Mr. Hot and Handsome.

One follower wrote, “He is so desperate for attention. He keeps doing this because he loves the attention he gets from the media. I bet he’ll be doing an interview about this soon enough.”

Shall we give that follower a Bingo! shoutout? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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