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1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers: Ladies Cross The Line, Tries To Guilt Tina Into Surgery

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers: Ladies Cross The Line, Tries To Guilt Tina Into Surgery

In the most recent episode of 1000 Lb. Sisters, Tina Arnold was set to have weight loss surgery with Ashely Sutton. However, Tina backed out of her surgery at the last minute. Meghan Crumpler felt the need to call Vannessa Cross over to help. Was it wrong for the ladies to gang up on Tina over an elective surgery?

The Ladies Planned To Do This Together

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers reveal that the four friends, who were all overweight, planned to lose weight and get healthy together. However, until recently, Tina was dead set against having surgery. The other three knew that Tina had experienced issues with surgeries before. Tina has had several complications which make surgery terrifying.

On the day of surgery, Tina was supposed to meet Ashely at the hospital so they could both have their weight loss surgeries. Tina woke up that morning planning to have her surgery but she became more terrified as the morning went on. Tina decided she could not justify risking her life for this surgery. Tina was terrified of dying and leaving her four children.

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Meghan Crumpler Didn’t Want To Hear Tina Arnold

Meghan went into Tina’s room and tried to convince her to go to the hospital. Tina’s husband, Johnny Arnold, knew they were running out of time. Meghan informed Johnny that Tina said she wasn’t going. Instead of taking Tina at her word, Meghan called Vannessa Cross who prompted arrived. Tina was furious with Meghan.

Vannessa arrived proceeding to ask Tina what is wrong. However, when Tina tried to explain, Vannessa talked over her. Both Vannessa and Meghan continued to push Tina to have the surgery. Vannessa even began to scream a Tina about how unfair this was to Ashely. Tina promised to do this with her. Ashely would be devastated that Tina backed out.

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers: Ladies Cross The Line, Tries To Guilt Tina Into Surgery

1000 Lb. Best Friends: Was Tina Arnold Wrong To Follow Her Instincts?

Tina did not agree to have surgery because it was a life-and-death emergency. Tina chose to do this because it was an elective surgery. However, with Tina’s history, she has a right to be worried. Tina states that she had complications after at least one c-section, and she had complications after her gall bladder surgery as well. Perhaps Tina has a medical reason for these reactions.

Instead of chastising Tina for backing out of surgery, perhaps the ladies should be glad that she did. Intuition is a powerful thing and Tina’s was screaming for her not to have that surgery. How would the ladies have felt if Tina had been bullied into having the surgery and died on the table? Just because the doctor says he never lost a patient on the table does not mean that it could not happen to her.

Keep checking back for all of your 1000 Lb. Best Friends news and spoilers. 1000 Lb. Best Friends season finale just aired but both seasons can be seen streaming on Discovery +.

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