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90 Day Fiance Fan Schools A Troll In Good Manners Over Darcey And Stacey

90 Day Fiance Fan Schools A Troll In Good Manners Over Darcey And Stacey

90 Day Fiance fans watch as the new season of Darcey and Stacey plays out and all the usual mocking and trolling takes place. Of course, there’s always some plastic surgery going on, and flip-flopping over men. Naturally, Darcey never stopped trying to find the perfect man, and she’s not doing too well with any match-making. However, a light moment came and one fan said something complimentary about the two women. Slammed for it, he schooled a troll in good social media manners.

90 Day Fiance Stars Darcey And Stacey Get A Lot Of Trolling

In the early season of the TLC show, fans saw that Stacey’s sister seemed rather desperate to find someone to love her. So, critics coined the moniker “Desperate Darcey.” Often, she cried and that seemed to put people off. Recall, after she split from Jesse Meester, she managed to cry herself out of the life of Tom Brooks. By the time the new spinoff came along, she was well into trying to make herself perfect by getting lots of plastic surgery done.

It was 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk star, Cynthia Decker who recently slammed people for mocking Darcey. It came when Darcey shared another photo of herself and people trolled her for too much plastic. She believes that the more people mock the TLC star, the worse she feels about herself. And, that makes her go for more surgeries. Still, the mockery continues

90 Day Fiance: Darcey And Stacey Sing On TV

This week, TLC revealed the twins singing on Instagram. In the caption, it said, “In case you were wondering what their vocal ranges are 🎤.” Enthusiastically, they bellowed out their loud singing.  Well, it turned out that very few fans ever wondered or even cared. However, having opened the way for trolling, folks didn’t hold back. One person claimed, “My cat ran away from me when i turned up the volume on this clip just now 😢.” And, that was one of the nicer comments.

90 Day Fiance Fan Schools A Troll In Good Manners Over Darcey And Stacey
TLC / Instagram

Some 90 Day Fiance fans tried not to judge too harshly, which proves there might be hope for humanity after all. One pleasant follower who is a singer opined, “Singing Is not their Forte…. but I give them props for believing in themselves. Who cares what anyone [thinks]. Sing at the top of your lungs.” In reply, a follower noted, “I love the realistic yet supportive vibes ❤️.”

Kind Commenter Gets Trolled – Schools Them

One 90 Day Fiance follower, @johnnyweslee commented on the singing by saying, “If they ever become grandmas. They will be by far thee coolest grandmas on the face of the earth (sic) 🙌.” Well, along came a reply that seemed over the top.

The critic wrote, “really? So they can pass on their insecurity, lack of morals, no self esteem, sleep with anybody, hate themselves, live in denial, shallow, plastic women? What a joke.”

Ouch!, It’s always a shock when people turn on commenters, especially if they just say something nice. But, he kept his cool and schooled the troll. His reply read, “wow .. ok .. umm .. I just thought from my POV if that’s ok with you of course. But for sure if that’s how you feel then i respect that too 👍.”

Do you agree that he did a magnificent job at schooling the troll in good manners on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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