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1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Caleb And Tammy Wanting Kids

1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Caleb And Tammy Wanting Kids1000-Lb Sisters fans heard spoilers that Tammy Slaton met a man named Caleb Willingham. Actually, it all happened in a big rush. Each season, she had a man in her life. Clearly desperate for love, the morbidly obese TLC star seems to have found it. However, there are some concerns about Caleb and especially his desire to have children.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers Revealed Tammy Slaton Smiling

Season 4 premiered in January this year, and fans who had feared the show wouldn’t be renewed felt excited. After all, many rumors arrived that Tammy lost a lot of weight. But, her use of filters on social media made it hard to tell if that really happened. Early spoilers hinted that she met Caleb in rehab and fell in love. However, fans were shocked that she agreed to marry him after just three weeks.

So far, it’s been an interesting season for 1000-Lb Sisters fans. Firstly, nobody suspected that Amy Halterman and her husband, Michael might be on the rocks. In fact, rumors ran around that she might not even film for season 4. However, she wasn’t smiling when the kids wouldn’t settle at a picnic and Michel didn’t help out. So, fans saw Amy crying and Tammy smiling, both of which seem like rare things in their lives.

1000-Lb Sisters Seem Happy For Tammy But Suspicious Of Caleb

TLC fans cheered when they heard that Tammy Slaton lost enough weight to go for gastric surgery. And, they fell in love with her sweet smiles after Caleb proposed. Of course, they married but followers remain suspicious of Caleb. After all, he practically admitted to stalking her to get admitted to the same facility. Meanwhile, many people seemed alarmed because they both seem very unhealthy.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Caleb And Tammy Wanting Kids

1000-Lb Sisters fans argue that Caleb let himself go and ate himself into obesity. So, they fear that he won’t be able to help Tammy stay on her journey to better health. Bear in mind, he apparently remains in rehab since Tammy left. Rumors suggest that Amy moved in with her sister after splitting from Micheal. More spoilers revealed that Caleb will join Tammy there as well, Will Amy become their frustrated helper?

Having Kids Is Not Realistic Fans Opine

1000-Lb Sisters fans took to the comments section of a teaser by TLC on Instagram, In it, Caleb talked about getting married and having kids. Well, as much as fans hope they will be happy together, many people doubt that having kids is a great idea. One fan opined, “Cute but neither one of them can take care of themselves.” This raises the question as to how capable they might be of raising kids.

One commenter wrote “Congrats but unless you are a working man sir with no health issues …no kids… Tammy is working on herself why [are] you talking about KIDS?”

Perhaps Caleb just dreams of the day that he might become a dad. Bear in mind, nobody thought Amy could have kids. The difference is that Amy was at least able to care for herself. Will that ever happen for Tammy and Caleb? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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