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Love After Lockup’s Monique Confronts Derek About His Side Dish

Love After Lockup’s Monique Confronts Derek About His Side DishLove After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates reveal that, after spending often years behind bars with little choice in what goes on in their lives, recently released inmates on Love After Lockup quickly embrace their newfound freedom. Unfortunately for many of them, learning to live with freedom is too much to handle.

This is quickly becoming apparent for Monique and Derek who joined the show in Season 5. It seems a real possibility that Derek may have cheated already. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Love After Lockup: Did Derek Two-Time Monique Already?

Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates reveal that, according to Distractify, Monique has discovered that Derek has been chatting up another woman. In the Friday, March 3 episode of Love After Lockup Monique goes after Derek demanding answers to a question everyone must have at this point — has Derek cheated on Monique?

Derek did reconnect with an old friend – one that was female, and one he just happens to have sex with occasionally. This isn’t old news as in “Fresh and Glow” after Monique discovered texts between Derek and his female friend, they continue to try and work things out. However, before that happens, Derek has a talk with Minique’s sisters.

Is Monique Cheating on Derek Too?

In a Love After Lockup clip on We tv’s YouTube channel, Monique’s sisters grill Derek for the truth. Derek gets defensive, saying, “She probably told y’all her side of the story, now y’all wanna hear my side of the story.” He goes on to claim that he’s not the only one doing wrong in his and Monique’s relationship.

Love After Lockup’s Monique Confronts Derek About His Side Dish

“We was going through it with my sisters and y’all all arguing and then she started disrespecting me [and] I started disrespecting her,” Derek says, speaking to Monique’s sisters. After admitting that she called Derek a b*tch on more than one occasion, adding “but I wasn’t cheating.” They continue their back and forth, but it doesn’t seem as though anything is going to get resolved anytime soon.

“She’s doing bulls–t too, she lying,” Derek went on. It remains to be seen whether Monique or Derek is cheating. Future episodes should be revealing if not exciting. Find out if Derek and Monique can work out their problems and what kind of battles fans are in for by watching Love After Lockup Fridays at 8 PM CST on WE tv. Be sure and return here often for more Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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