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Return to Amish Spoilers: The Amish Basketball Player Revealed

Return to Amish Spoilers: The Amish Basketball Player Revealed

Return to Amish spoilers reveal that fans are looking forward to the new season of the show. In fact, they will get a chance to meet the new cast and one of them is a 20-year-old who is trying to be the first Amish college basketball player. Kenneth Detweiler is trying to break out and make history.

Meet Kenneth Detweiler

Return to Amish focuses on those who are already in the Amish community trying to determine if they still fit in there or want to become part of the English community. Kenneth is ready to play basketball in college but will have to jump through some hoops. He tells the cameras, “Basketball is not allowed in my community. But I want to be the first Amish college basketball player. That’s why I’m excited to try the English world.” Kenneth isn’t the only new cast member that viewers will meet.

Fannie is also 20 years old and she is trying to deal with some horrifying life changes herself. She actually got caught with a phone! She tells the cameras, “Now that I got caught with my cell phone, they’re gonna shun me and condemn me to hell.”

The New Season

Another 20-year-old in this season is Daniel and he is starting to worry about his family’s legacy and acceptance. He told the cameras, “Growing up as a bishop’s son, it’s alright. But I definitely didn’t feel like I was meant to be Amish.” Daniel is ready to explore the English world and he said, “I’m very curious about the English world. But mostly the girls.” In one of the trailers for the new season, we will see Daniel making out on the dance floor with a girl! He moves quickly!

Return to Amish Spoilers: The Amish Basketball Player Revealed

There will be a lot of familiar faces in this season of the show as well. Fans are happy to see Rosanna again and now she has a boyfriend! We will also see Jeremiah Raber and catch up on his life as well. This season is going to be great and we can’t wait to see what happens!

Raber announced that the show had already been filmed last year, but they were not sure if there would be another season. Luckily, there is! The season premiere of Return to Amish is March 14 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC. In the meantime, you can follow TLC’s Instagram account for more trailers of the new season and you can find the cast members on their Instagram accounts as well.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Return to Amish right now. Come back here often for Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates.

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