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Return to Amish Spoilers: Sabrina Burkholder Welcomes Sixth Child

Return to Amish Spoilers: Sabrina Burkholder Welcomes Sixth Child

Return to Amish spoilers reveals that Sabrina Burkholder has welcomed her sixth child! It turns out that there were not that many fans who knew that she was even pregnant! This comes just six months after she had confirmed that she had split up with Jethro Nolt. She shares three children with Jethro and the others are from her ex-boyfriend, Harry Kreiser III. She gave birth to her sixth child on February 23, 2023.

Where Are Her Children?

Fans of the show saw Sabrina go through quite a tough time. She did end up losing custody of her daughter, Ariana in 2015. She had a heroin addiction that caused her to do so. Then she lost custody of her daughter, Oakley in 2016. Oakley was in a car with one of her friends that had a heart attack while they were driving. The older daughters were adopted by their father’s sister since they felt Sabrina couldn’t take care of them.

When it came down to things, Jeremiah Raber and Sabrina actually had a conversation about her being a mother. He made the accusation of her “signing away” custody of her children and making the choice to use heroin instead of taking care of her kids. She told Jeremiah, “I signed my kids off because it was the best thing to do for them.” Jeremiah said, ” Or was it because you couldn’t stop doing the heroin? Exactly because you made that more important. And you, as a kid being adopted, you should f****g know when you’re adopted- you don’t do that s**t to them. That’s why I’m pissed off.”

Return to Amish Spoilers: Sabrina Burkholder Welcomes Sixth Child

Is Sabrina Single These Days?

Fans of Return to Amish want to know if Sabrina is dating currently. She has not mentioned that she is. With her recent breakup from Jethro, things seem very complicated. Before she dated Jethro, she had gone back and forth with Harry. Things in her love life seemed incredibly complicated and with her heroin addiction, things really did seem like they had gone badly. It turns out that she is clean and sober now and trying to do her best to take care of her new child.

We will see more of her on Return to Amish, but since the show was filmed over a year ago, there will be a lot of changes in her life that we won’t see this season. You can keep up with her on the premiere and on her social media accounts. She posts pretty regularly in order to keep her fans updated.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Return to Amish right now. Come back here often for Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates.

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