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Ben Seewald Demands Media Retractions About Jessa’s ‘Abortion’

Ben Seewald Demands Media Retractions About Jessa's 'Abortion'Ben Seewald is seething with anger because he thinks that some tabloids deliberately wrote nasty things about Jessa who suffered a miscarriage. Understandably, she’s devasted by the loss of her fifth baby and on top of that she deals with negative headlines. So, her husband demanded that they retract what they wrote.

Ben Seewald & Jessa Lost A Child

The Counting On alums expected another baby. Actually, TLC fans already suspected she was pregnant again. However, it’s not easy to tell these days as the show was canceled. More often these days, the Duggar women tend to be a lot quieter than they used to be. In fact, at one stage, followers of the family lost count of how many recent pregnancies and births had happened. Fortunately, Joy-Anna Forsyth shares her third pregnancy with fans quite openly.

On Friday, February 25, Jessa shared two videos on YouTube. Ben Seewald seems to be very angry because some tabloids and bloggers missed the fact that a scan had “NO FHR” written on it. In our article about the sad news, we noted that  “No FHR means no fetal heart rate” and that the baby had died inside her body. In her second video, the former Counting On star revealed that she had to go for a DNC.

Ben Seewald Wants Retractions From Outlets

Sharing a link to YouTube, Ben said on March 1 on Instagram, “To all of you who have spread lies about my wife, I demand a public retraction and apology for your words, shares, retweets, or “likes,” by which you’ve slandered my wife.” Naturally, he is furious because Jessa is already suffering from the tragic loss.

Ben Seewald Demands Media Retractions About Jessa Miscarriage
Ben Seewald / Instagram

Ben Seewald called on writers and bloggers to “please be humble and respectable enough to recognize your errors and insensitivity and set the record straight to your followers.” Meanwhile, he thanked those who pray for them and take care not to be nasty to his wife. Additionally, he thanked YouTube influencer, Allie Beth Stuckey.

The Baby Was Already Dead

In the video below, you can see that Allie Beth Stuckey also slammed outlets. She pointed out that some of them “made no mention of the fact that the baby had already passed away.” Additionally, she slammed writers who slanted the story to get people up in arms about pro-life folks and anti-abortionists.

One fan said to Ben Seewald on Instagram, “It pains me to see you all going through this. How can people not see that abortion is a murder of a living foetus but a D&C is removing an already dead child. The difference in (sic) night and day! Why do people feel the need to pick at a family that…are already suffering a loss?”

What are your thoughts about Ben demanding retractions from those who failed to mention the baby had already passed away when Jessa had her DNC? Let us know in the comments below.

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SOURCES: Ben Seewald Instagram.

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