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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ And Nicole Team Up To Make Stefan Pay

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ And Nicole Team Up To Make Stefan Pay

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) and Nicole Walker (Arianna Zucker) have figured out that Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) drugged them both in his quest to get revenge on EJ for keeping quiet that he had been brainwashed by Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) Even though Stefan didn’t mean to drug Nicole, she drank the drugged concoction that Stefan meant for EJ.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Johnny DiMera thought his dad was using!

When Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) discovered a vial of an unknown substance in the CEO office at DiMera Enterprises, he came to the conclusion that his father might be using drugs. After all, EJ had just lost his mother Susan Banks (Stacey Haiduk) after she was kidnapped by Ava Vitale (Tamara Braun) and Xander Cook (Paul Tefler). And EJ hasn’t been acting like himself either, furthering Johnny’s suspicious. But when Johnny confronted EJ, EJ and Nicole began to put the pieces together.

DOOL Spoilers – Turnabout is fair play!

While both EJ and Nicole had been drugged, neither of them knew it. But once they figured out the truth, they decided to come up with a way to turn the tables on Stefan. Currently, Stefan is being deprogrammed by Dr. Rolf. But once that process is complete, Stefan will certainly ramp up his plans to take over DiMera himself. But if EJ turns the table on his brother by drugging Stefan, they could both end up losing DiMera.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Stefan DiMera and EJ DiMera might lose to Megan Hathaway!

Megan Hathaway is on her way back to Salem! Neither EJ or Stefan is aware that their older sister Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) is not only alive but she is most likely on her way to Salem very soon. And she could very easily steal DiMera right out from under her brother’s noses.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ And Nicole Team Up To Make Stefan Pay

And Kristen DiMera (also Stacey Haiduk)might just find herself teaming up with Megan to help take both of her brother’s down. If EJ and Stefan don’t find common ground soon, the could find themselves on the losing side of the ongoing DIMera war for control!

What do you think?

Will EJ drug Stefan out of revenge? Will either brother wind up in control of DiMera Enterprises? Or could Megan throw all their plans up in the air? Anything can happen in Salem so stay tuned to Days of Our Lives streaming every weekday on Peacock. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your Days of Our Lives news, information and spoilers!

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