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90 Day Fiancé Fans Rip Into Big Ed – Does He Think He’s Danny DeVito?

90 Day Fiancé Fans Rip Into Big Ed - Does He Think He's Danny DeVito?

Ever since 90 Day Fiancé fans met Big Ed Brown, they thought he seemed a bit strange. Admittedly, he suffers from short-neck syndrome, but that’s not what makes them diss him. Often, he tries to be funny and eccentric, like some sort of comedian. However, reactions indicate that he fails to make many people laugh. So, fans wonder if he tries to be like Danny DeVito and fails.

90 Day Fiance: Odd Big Ed Brown & The Mayo

When fans first saw Big Ed, he was dating Rose Vega. Actually, some folks wondered what on earth she saw in him. He rode around on a little scooter with his pup and loved to use mayo to make his hair shine. Actually, he seemed to think his mayo thing was funny. However, a lot of people didn’t like that. Additionally, he also seemed very disrespectful to Rose. Remember, he gave her hygiene products and claimed that she was smelly.

After Rose dumped Big Ed, 90 Day Fiancé fans hoped that would be the end of him. However, he grew insane numbers of Instagram followers very fast. Not all of them are fans, but clearly, TLC thought he was worth hanging onto. Anyway, when his dog Teddy passed away, Liz Woods reached out and they hooked up. So, more screen time comes for them. When he’s not disrespecting her, he tries to act amusing with skits about farting in jars and more.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Don’t Think Big Ed Is Funny

This week, Big Ed took to his Instagram to give a shoutout to his Cameo. Wearing a white rabbit head, he rode around his living room on a scooter. Actually, he also gave the camera the middle finger and danced around slapping his behind. In his caption, he wrote, “Invite Big Ed to your Easter dinner and make this holiday even more special 🐰.”

90 Day Fiancé Fans Rip Into Big Ed Does He Think He's Danny DeVito
Big Ed Brown / Instagram

Unfortunately if the 90 Day Fiancé star thought he amused a lot of followers, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Hardly anyone laughed. In fact, a lot of them only seem to follow him to read the comments when he does something ridiculous. One follower wrote, “This is so embarrassing!😳 does he really think hes funny🤦🏼‍♀️.”And, other fans agreed that it’s not amusing at all.

Danny DeVito Fail

More 90 Day Fiancé fans commented on the odd Easter Cameo shoutout. One of them opined, “again not funny. Something seriously wrong with this guy.”

Well, along came @cookbroswelding with this comment: “I just figured it out. He thinks he’s Danny DeVito. Except he’s not funny at all.” That made other folks laugh.

Do you think that Big Ed thinks he’s the next Danny DeVito? Shout out in the comments below.

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