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Teen Mom 2 Alum Barbara Surrenders Custody Of Jace To Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 Alum Barbara Surrenders Custody Of Jace To Jenelle EvansTeen Mom 2 fans know that Barbara Evans and her daughter Jenelle fought like cat and dog after she birthed Jace. To this day, they still fight, and in January, Jenelle claimed that her mom blocked her on social media. So, it’s a bit surprising to hear that allegedly, Barbara is willingly giving up custody of Jace who she raised as her own son for 14 years.

Teen Mom 2: Barbara Evans And Janelle Boith Parent Jace

The kids on the MTV show are really growing up these days. Incredibly, Kailyn Lowry’s son, Isaac is already starting to consider his career. If you don’t know, he’d like to become a model. Meanwhile, Leah Messer’s twins, Ali and Aleeah are now 12 years old. As for Jace, he towers over Barabra who has full custody, and Jenelle who gets him on occasion.

Teen Mom 2 fans saw that last year when Jace turned 13, he and his half-siblings enjoyed a nice time on a trip to Olive Garden. Those MTV fans who hadn’t kept up with the family were shocked to see that he was a big teenager. Bear in mind, a lot of them remember him as just a little kid. And never since he was a little kid, his birth mother has been fighting her mom for custody.

Teen Mom 2: Barbara Evans Finally Surrenders The Fight For Jace?

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the new news that Barbara doesn’t seem to be contesting a change to the custody arrangements for Jace. The outlet’s article said, “According to court paperwork exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Barbara has willingly agreed to give custody of Jace back to Jenelle.” Apparently, the court hearing happened last week in “North Carolina.” It involves a “modification of custody.”

Teen Mom 2 Alum Barbara Surrenders Custody Of Jace To Jenelle Evans
The Ashley’s reality Roundup via Teen mom Fan Page / Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans who saw the article also heard that a source alleged that “Jace has become too much to handle for Barbara.” Notably, though, it doesn’t seem as if Jenelle has got custody yet. So, MTV fans might need to wait to see it actually happen. When @TeenMomFanPage shared the news on Instagram, many people went to have their say about it.

MTV Fans Don’t All Agree That Barbara Was The Best Mom Ever

Teen Mom 2 fans who reacted showed mixed feelings about Jenelle getting custody of Jace. Some of them slam her for being a terrible mother. A reader said, “So he has behavioral issues and janelle (sic) is the chosen “parent” to take control of the situation😳😂.”

Meanwhile, others think that Barbara wasn’t all that great. One follower opined, “Once [Jenelle] grew up and started fighting for Jace, Barb wasn’t about to give up her spot on the show. And let’s remember who not only raised Jenelle, but was right there yelling in front of Jace with Jenelle.”

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised that Barbara doesn’t seem to contest Jenelle getting custody of Jace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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