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Life After Lockup Stars Aris & Cameron’s Marriage Has Rough Start

Life After Lockup Stars Aris & Cameron’s Marriage Has Rough Start

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that the new season begins tonight, Friday, February 24 and fans are excited to see what’s new for newlyweds Aris Morton and Cameron Morton. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Life After Lockup: Is Cameron Morton & Aris Morton’s Marriage Already Over?

Life After Lockup spoilers reveals that, according to Soap Dirt, Aris and Cameron’s new marriage seems to be chaotic and rushed, and now, that the trailer has been hitched the couple is wondering if they’ve moved too quickly and made a terrible mistake.

All signs indicate that Aris may have agreed to tie the knot with her Life After Lockup boyfriend without considering the implications of spending the rest of her life with Cameron. But apparently, now that it’s a done deal, Cameron no longer seems to care what his new partner thinks of his lifestyle.

Cameron Morton is Already Crossing Boundaries

Just 24 hours after saying “I do,” the newlyweds are reportedly disagreeing on a critical issue. Cameron, for his part, is amped up for a family gathering after many of his family missed the nuptials, he’s wanting them to meet his new bride. However, Aris isn’t ready for another crowded gathering just yet.

She tells her new husband that she feels sick from the party the night before, saying she’s too worn out to even get out of bed and this doesn’t sit well with Cameron. He seems angry and thinks she should still be getting ready to go to the outing.

Aris, however, isn’t budging. Instead of complying with her husband’s demands, she tells him to go on without her. He eventually acquiesces but isn’t happy about the situation. Love After Lockup fans believe this doesn’t bode well for their new marriage.

Cameron Morton’s Family Makes Matters Worse

During the party, Cameron doesn’t try to smooth things over with his family and explains that she maybe doesn’t feel good. In fact, he comes right out and tells them that Aris doesn’t want to be there. This naturally sets a bad tone between Aris and Cameron’s family.

Life After Lockup Stars Aris & Cameron’s Marriage Has Rough Start

The family sees Aris not showing up as disrespectful and they get Cameron further riled up about Aris’s decision to make him go alone. As the evening continues and Cameron gets ever more tore down, finally he makes it back to the hotel he’s plastered.

Will Cameron and Aris Morton Get Divorced So Soon?

When Cameron arrives drunk and hits the bed, Aris tries to kick him out of the bed and his reaction is over-the-top but as we would expect from someone so trashed. His response is to throw his wedding ring at her telling her to “divorce him then.”

He does finally comply and moves to the couch, but the drinking is clearly a problem and Cameron has already set boundaries over it. At this point, the future of this marriage seems in peril. See the trailer below. Be sure to tune in to WEtv tonight at 9/8 PM CST. Return here often for more Life After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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