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Duggar Family News: Why is Jessa Seewald Getting Slammed for Treatment of Son?

Duggar Family News: Why is Jessa Seewald Getting Slammed for Treatment of Son?

Duggar Family News reveals that fans are giving Jessa Seewald a lot of backlash lately. In a recent photo that she shared on Instagram, her fans noticed something bizarre. The picture was from his sixth birthday and her fans told her that she was treating her son “poorly.” Let’s find out why they made that statement.

Henry’s Birthday Celebration

Henry recently turned six years old on February 6. Jessa didn’t share anything about his birthday until just this past week, which was very odd. On February 21, she shared a photo of him eating a giant ice cream cone. He is smiling at the camera at the ice cream parlor. She captioned the photo, “This little guy turned 6 this month. Henry is a ray of sunshine in our home! He’s the first one up in the morning, grabbing a book and sitting next to me on the couch as I have my quiet time.”

She went on, “He has a great love for learning and he devours all the books he can get his hands on. He has a super creative mind, and he’s constantly inventing new Lego creations. He’s so gentle and caring towards his baby sister and absolutely adores her. He’s both tender and bold, loving and full of laughter.” Although this post was very sweet and supposed to share with her fans her love for him, that wasn’t the message that it conveyed though.

Fans React to The Picture

It didn’t take long for Jessa’s fans to start in on her for this post. Most of them wrote about how big he has gotten and how they love her updates. She got a lot of love from fans telling her that she was a really good mother too. One fan added, “It took Jessa over two weeks to post for Hank’s birthday LOL!” Another added, “Poor Henry sitting quietly in the same area is probably all the attention she’ll give him.” Another shared, “At least she remembered this year. This photo looks like it’s from October too.”

Duggar Family News: Why is Jessa Seewald Getting Slammed for Treatment of Son?

Fans went on to say that this photo was old and definitely looked like it was taken back in the fall. This really upset her fans and they told her that she at least needed to find a new picture of him or take a new one while they are spending time together.

It was clear that Jessa’s fans were upset by this post, but at least Jessa was able to share it with her fans no matter how late it was.

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