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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Returns To Flagstaff In Wild Weather

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Returns To Flagstaff In Wild Weather

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown really seems to travel a lot since she left Kody. Always fond of annual vacations with the family, she gets around a lot more these days. In fact, she markets Plexus products which see her attending conferences and more. Recently, she visited Maddie Brown Brush and she was lucky to get home without a flight diversion due to wild Flagstaff weather.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Visited Maddie Brown Brush

Kody’s ex-second wife has been traveling a lot recently, and she really hates riding on airplanes. When she sits for a long time, Janelle said that she gets very discomforted. Recently, she discovered those roadside places where you can stretch and get the kinks out. Well, when she returned to Flagstaff this week, she didn’t bother with that as there was some wild weather on the go.

The last time that Janelle Brown flew into Flagstaff, she got a huge surprise when she discovered the weather had buried her car in the snow.  Fortunately, Sister Wives star Gabe came to the rescue and dug the car out. TLC fans adore Gabe, so they cheered for him as he’s so sweet with his mom. Possibly he collected her this time as it was a late flight according to Janelle.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Arrived In Flagstaff In A Storm

Janelle’s been visiting Maddie in North Carolina because her daughter welcomed her third child recently. Well, it seems she got home at just the right moment. If you don’t know, there’s been a winter storm watch for some days now. Posting a photo of the sky through the window, she explained on Instagram about the wild ride.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Returns To Flagstaff In Wild Weather
Janelle Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star said that when she returned to “Flagstaff late last night,” there was a “crazy strong storm.” Anyway, as it was really just getting hectic when she landed, she made it safely. Naturally, she’s really happy that her “flight was able to land.” Judging by her Instagram story, it was really “wild” just getting to the “terminal,” never mind “getting home.” 

Travel To See The Family

Sister Wives fans know that for now, Janelle considers Flagstaff to be her home despite separating from Kody Brown. However, she has family scattered a bit. Her son Logan lives in Las Vegas. Actually, it is suspected that Hunter might be there as well. Meanwhile, Maddie is in North Carolina with Janelle’s three grandchildren. So, that means quite a lot of flights take place.

What do you think of the plane landing in Flagstaff amidst wild weather? Do you agree it was lucky that the reality TV star didn’t need to divert somewhere else? Let us know in the comments below.

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