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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Roman Urges Eric To Reunite With Nicole

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Roman Urges Eric To Reunite With Nicole

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) doesn’t often tend to get involved in his children’s love life. However, after recently losing the love of his life, Roman feels the need to stop Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) from wasting any more time.

Roman and Kate Brady (Lauren Koslow) could have had several years together if they hadn’t divorced years ago. Now Roman regrets the time he was denied. Can he keep Eric from making the same mistake?

Roman Brady Has Learned A Hard Lesson

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Roman and Kate had just gotten back together when Orpheus infected Kate with the biotoxin. Roman and Kate barely managed to get married and spend a little time together before her “death”. Now, Roman looks back with nothing but regret but he has no idea that Kate is really still alive.

Eric and Nicole remind Roman of himself and Kate. Kate and Nicole are actually a lot alike. This is exactly why Kate and Nicole do not like each other. Roman sees himself in Eric as well. Roman doesn’t want Eric to realize too late that he should have been more forgiving and should have focused on his relationship more.

DOOL Spoilers: Eric Brady And Nicole Walker Cannot Let Go

Eric has tried to act like he has moved on from Nicole. Eric has been sleeping with Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) for months. Eric wants Nicole to believe that he has gotten over her and won’t look back. However, Eric isn’t fooling anyone but himself. It is obvious that Eric still has feelings for Nicole and they need to be resolved.

Nicole has been so hurt by Eric that she doesn’t want to be near him. Unfortunately, that is because she cares so much for him and doesn’t want to be hurt again. Nicole feels bad for her conversation with Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) that led to her abortion. However, Nicole cannot help but feel threatened by a woman who can give Eric a child, something she always wanted to do.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Roman Urges Eric To Reunite With Nicole

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Eric Brady And Nicole Walker Reunite

Roman wants nothing more than for his son to reunite with the one woman who has made him happier than anyone else. Eric cannot force himself to stop loving Nicole. Eric cannot hate Nicole and he certainly cannot stay away from her anymore. Eric knows he was wrong to leave Nicole when they were married. Eric knows that his neglect caused most of their issues.

Will Eric heed his father’s warning and make things right before it is too late? Will Eric finally realize that his and Nicole’s love is much more important than anything else? Will Eric and Nicole reunite and finally get it right this time?

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