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Did 90 Day Fiance Star David Toborowsky Prove He’ll Be The GOAT At Parenting?

Did 90 Day Fiance Star David Toborowsky Prove He'll Be The GOAT At Parenting?

90 Day Fiance stars David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan sparked rumors that they might be trying for a baby in David & Annie: After the 90 Days Season 2. As David had a vasectomy, he might face a few issues with that. However, TLC fans think he’ll make a great dad. In fact, he might the GOAT at parenting.

90 Day Fiance Fans Hope That Annie Suwan Gets Pregnant

Plenty of rumors have been running around that Annie might be pregnant. It all started when they were in Thailand and she got to enjoy her younger relatives. Well, it seems that she’s good to go and he’s willing to try it. Usually, the couple seems very popular, so fans cross their fingers for them because they think David will be a good dad.

90 Day Fiance fans seldom have much that’s bad to say about the couple. Annie and David Toborowsky recently purchased a bigger home. Additionally, he lost weight as per the advice of a doctor in Thailand. So naturally, TLC fans think that it all hints that a baby comes along soon. This week, Annie talked about a baby, and fans encouraged them.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky Loves A Baby Goat

On February 18, Annie took to her Instagram and posted up a video of David, In it, he held a baby goat in his arms. However, the baby latched onto his shirt and wouldn’t stop suckling. In her caption, Annie said, “My husband tries to show me he’s very good with a baby.” Most people loved the cute scene, but a few people shaded them because they cook and eat meat a lot.

Did 90 Day Fiance Star David Toborowsky Prove He'll Be The GOAT At Parenting
Annie Suwan / Instagram

One 90 Day Fiance fan commented, “I’m gonna put you down, other wise you’re gonna become goat curry” 😭😂😭😂.” 

Meanwhile, another follower wrote, “Sweet Jesus. It would…probably will be your next food video!”

Most TLC fans just loved it and didn’t let their cooking show stop them from hoping they really become parents.

Fan Encourage Annie To Become A Mom

One 90 Day Fiance fan told Annie, “You both are amazing people can’t wait for a mini version of you both however that version may be. It can come in many forms.❤️🙏”

Another fan agreed that David would be a wonderful father. After seeing the goat video,they said, “He will [be a good dad] Annie, David loves you so much you can see it in the way he sees you!! May God allow you guys to live life to the fullest.”

What are your thoughts about David Toborowsky being a dad? Do you think he will be the GOAT at parenting? Let us know in the comments below.

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