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90 Day Fiancé Star Annie Suwan Shares Foot Injury

90 Day Fiancé Star Annie Suwan Shares Foot Injury

90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Annie posted an injured foot on social media, but left fans confused.

Annie Suwan stepped into the TLC show when she met her boyfriend, now husband, David Toborowsky, when the latter ventured to Thailand. Days after they met each other in a bar, David proposed to the love of his life but experienced financial struggles when he still had to pay Annie’s family $15,000, two water buffaloes, and $6,000 worth of gold.

The couple relied on David’s friend, Chris Thieneman, when they flew to the United States with not enough money to support themselves. However, because of their hard work, David and Annie were able to survive and make money by leveraging Annie’s cooking skills. The two also earned over $185k in Cameo, and now they have their online clothing shop.

Annie Suwan Updates Followers with Her Injury

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Annie shared a photo of her foot wrapped with a bandage. Though she didn’t state the cause of her injury, the TLC star hoped that she would feel better in the coming days. “Hopefully it is getting soon better in the next few days,” Annie wrote.

However, the fans were confused as Annie’s recent post on the Instagram page seemed the opposite of her current state. She uploaded a video of herself trying out some clothes in the market in Thailand. Her video clip also gathered several compliments from her followers. It was likely that the video was a throwback from her trip to Thailand.

90 Day Fiancé Star Annie Suwan Shares Foot Injury

Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky Receive Criticisms During Seafood BBQ Date

In other news, the beloved couple received criticisms from their followers after Annie posted a video of herself grilling some allegedly alive kinds of seafood. She captioned the post: “Fresh and delicious.” The TLC fans gathered in the comment section expressing their disappointment with the couple. One follower commented, “Why would you do that to a living creature? Is it just laziness? I really liked you before but can’t follow anyone that promotes animal cruelty.”

An Instagram user said, “Why are you burning them ALIVE? That’s so cruel, Annie. I’m unfollowing.” Another one chimed in, “I would never ever burn an animal alive! This is pure torture.” On the other hand, David explained that the seafood was from the tank and was immediately put into a bucket of ice for them to die. Therefore, they were not grilling some live seafood creatures.

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