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Sister Wives Fans Bash Meri Brown For Telling Them To Worthy Up

Sister Wives Fans Bash Meri Brown For Telling Them To Worthy UpSister Wives fans know that Kody Brown treated Meri Brown badly on the TLC show. Actually, a lot of people felt very sorry for her. But others can’t handle the way she allowed herself to be publically humiliated. Plus, they resent that she seems to try and empower women on social media despite sticking with her ex-husband. So, folks bashed her this weekend when she spoke about people worthying up.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Loses Some Flavor

TLC fans become irritated with Meri because she talks about how she gets ahold of her life and makes things positive. However, on the show, she seems desperate for Kody’s attention, despite his humiliation of her. So, fans feel that when she talks about taking control and empowering her life on social media, she is contradicting herself. Even when she left Kody, Season 17 revealed that he told her to go away.

Sister Wives fans went off Meri in the same season because she was harsh on Christine who got the heck out of the trainwreck. At one stage, on social media, she also seemed to shade Christine’s new cooking show. Plus, some adult kids are accusing Meri of being “scary” and abusive to them. So, the TLC star loses some flavor with fans.

Sister Wives: ‘Worthy Up’ Says Meri Brown

Recently, the TLC star took to her Instagram and talked about how “when the storms come the buffalo run right into them.” She explained that the clever animals know to quickly run towards it so they get it over with. Then, she talked about how people should do the same. Finally, she said, “worthy up my friends.” Clearly, she was trying to tell her fans that she’s meeting her own storms head-on and she is all worthied up.

Sister Wives Fans Bash Meri Brown For Telling Them To Worthy Up
Meri Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who got irritated with the message slammed Kody’s ex. In the caption, she’d written, “Run toward your storm, not away from it! Tackle it head on! Worthy Up! You git this! (sic) 💙.”

One follower,@auntbee539 said, “That whole “worthy up” thing makes no sense at all. Does she understand the meaning of the word “worthy”?” Then, they gave the definition of it, writing, “having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way.”

Next, they bashed away, saying, “By saying “worthy up” Meri is implying that you need to make yourself worthy. Worthy of what? Worthy of Meri?… If you’re reading this, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you don’t need to try and make yourself worthy of anybody,..”  

Other Followers Discuss Being Told To ‘Worthy Up’

Another Sister Wives fan said, “Like I would ever take a life lesson from you knowing your past. SMH.”

More followed and here’s another commenter: who seemed irritated: “Glad you moved on…but these posts seems (sic) forced and insincere. You and your publicist should consider rethinking this strategy of posting posts like this.”

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