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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Doesn’t Trust Derek

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Doesn't Trust Derek

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Monique is still unsure about Derek’s past and if she should trust him now. These two have been dating for quite some time and they met when she was looking for a prison pen pal. They began writing to one another and soon, they fell in love.

Although he would send her pictures, she would only send him pictures of her face and never a full body shot. She was nervous that he would see how big she is and not love her. However, he has come to really show her that his past may be catching up with him.

Monique’s Trust Issues

Derek’s past has really started to come back to haunt him. In fact, he has had some issues with drugs in the past and now Monique isn’t too sure that she can trust him. Monique does say that she loves Dererk dearly, but the way that she is acting seems as if she may not fully be able to commit to him. He was in prison for nine years and they have been together for two. Now that he is out of prison though, it is tough for Monique to get used to this life together.

Monique currently lives in Chicago and has planned to move to Cleveland to be with Derek. However, while she is away, she is not too sure that she can trust him completely. This is why she is thinking about installing security cameras at his place to make sure he stays on his best behavior. She also is thinking about hiring spies to watch his every move. By the looks of it, she really doesn’t know what he does every day and doesn’t trust it.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Doesn't Trust Derek

Monique’s Secrets

As Monique is trying to navigate life with Derek, she meets up with his family at his grandmother’s house. While she is there, she is just scoping out places to put cameras so that she can watch every move he makes. She thinks of putting one up in his bedroom since he is supposed to be sleeping alone there. She sneaks around his room to see where she can place the cameras and she finds the old address book that he had while he was in prison.

When Derek finishes talking to his friend, he goes back in and Monique is in his bedroom sneaking around. He asked her what she was doing and fans think that he is going to bust her in the act of taking his address book and placing the cameras. Find out what happens on the next episode of Love After Lockup.

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