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Did Jana Duggar Move Out Of Her Parents’ House?

Did Jana Duggar Move Out Of Her Parents’ House?

The Duggars news and updates tease that Jana Duggar is no longer living with her parents. According to a source, she moved out two years ago.

Jana recently celebrated her 33rd birthday. Unlike her siblings, she chose to remain single while her other sisters got married and started their own families at younger ages. But the Duggar’s eldest daughter has been very quiet these past few months. not only that, she’s been on a hiatus on Instagram for nearly a year.

Is Jana Living Independently?

In a new report released by YouTube Katie Joy, it was revealed that Jana is now enjoying her newfound freedom. While speaking to one of Jana’s brothers, who prefers to remain anonymous, he revealed that Jana moved out about two years ago. But according to Katie’s research, Jana’s freedom isn’t complete.

“Jana moved into a tiny house behind the Big House on their property. She hasn’t really moved out, she just has her own space,” as per an insider.

“Anyone that claims Jana moved out is lying. It’s hardly moving out when you live on your dad’s property in a tiny house,” the insider added.

Katie also revealed that Jana’s younger sister, Jinger, also voiced her opinion about Jana’s decision to remain on their dad’s property.

“I was told that a trip that Jana took to see Jinger was allegedly extended at Jinger’s suggestion with the hope of her being able to convince Jana to move out. Jinger allegedly offered to give Jana a landing spot in LA,” Katie revealed.

Did Jana Duggar Move Out Of Her Parents’ House?

Was Jana Forced To Leave?

Katie also pointed out that the timing of Jana’s move was a bit suspicious. It may not have anything to do with being independent. Perhaps moving out was forced upon her.

Viewers may recall that Jana was charged with child endangerment around September. However, it made the headlines in December 2021. It was revealed that Jana was charged with the welfare endangerment of a minor. But her sister, Jessa, came to her defense. It could be that she had to move out of their room or building

“She was babysitting, and one of the kids slipped out the door unnoticed, but it ended safely,” Jessa shared.

She may have been asked to stay away from the kids because she’s prohibited from being around other children, and she also needs to be listed in the Child Maltreatment registry.

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