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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Cameron’s Family See Red Flags with Aris

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Cameron's Family See Red Flags with Aris

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that as Cameron and Aris continue to spend time together, his family is still very unsure about her and what to think of her. As Cameron and Aris have been spending more and more time together, his family hasn’t gotten a good feeling from her.

They have questioned his decision to be with her and now that they have gotten even closer, things seem really strange with Aris. The red flags just keep adding up for his family and they have a lot of questions about her.

Cameron’s Party

Cameron’s family is so happy that he is out of prison and that they finally get to have more time with him. In the latest episode of the show, his family decided to throw him a party. He was excited to get this time with his family and friends, but Aris had a different idea in mind.

She decided that she was just going to stay home and not attend. This was really strange to his family because many of them wanted to meet his new wife. They were very concerned about why she hadn’t come.

The family has brought up even more concerns about Aris, especially after this. His family questioned where Aris was and Cameron told them that she didn’t want to come and they should take it up with her. That is when they felt the need to call her and ask her where she was.

More Family Drama

His family called her and asked her where she was. The tone is Aris’ voice was down and unexcited. She told them that she was just resting and “a lot of other stuff too.” Then his sister got on the phone and asked what she meant by “a lot of other stuff.” She told her “tequila, champagne.”

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Cameron's Family See Red Flags with Aris

His sister called her out telling her that she heard she just didn’t want to come to the party. She said, “I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I expected to see my new sister-in-law and I don’t see you and I’m not gonna lie, I feel a way.”

The family went on to tell her that they expected to see her. Aris yawned in the background, but his family told her that they were going to call her back. They had very high expectations of getting to meet her and hang out. His family has so many concerns about how Cameron is going to make this work. He told them that they need to trust him, but there are so many concerns.

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