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Duggar Family News: Is Jessa Seewald Going Through a Religious Crisis?

Duggar Family News: Is Jessa Seewald Going Through a Religious Crisis?Duggar Family News reveals that fans think that Jessa Seewald is going through a bit of a religious crisis of her own now that her sister’s book is coming out. Jinger Vuolo is releasing a tell-all book at the end of January and her family is already nervous about it. The book will dive deeper into their religious background and it may unravel some secrets of that religion.

Jessa’s Husband Paves The Way

Many of Jinger’s fans feel that her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are very nervous about the book coming out. These fans feel that they could actually be on the verge of disowning her because of what has been written about their religion. There are many of Jinger’s siblings who have been very open about how proud of their sister they are. There are others who have yet to speak out about the book and it could mean they do not like the idea of exposing this religion.

Jinger and Jessa’s relationship is already pretty complicated and now it looks as if fans aren’t sure what to expect when Jinger’s book is released. Jinger has mentioned that Ben Seewald, Jessa’s husband, has been a spirtual mentor to her. In her book, she actually mentions that when she went to his church, she immediately knew it was time to leave her parents’ faith. She felt that his branch of Christianity was much more inclusive.

Is Jessa In Crisis?

After fans heard this, they thought that Jessa could be upset with Jinger since she basically outed her as converting to Ben’s faith. One Redditor mentioned, “I’m starting to genuienly wonder if there is a possibility that after Jinger started coming out with her story, Jessa is having a similar crisis of faither, and that’s why we’ve barely heard from her. It also could explain why she hasn’t come out and support Jinger with her book yet.”

Duggar Family News: Is Jessa Seewald Going Through a Religious Crisis?

Another Redditor wrote, “Maybe she feels confused by what Jinger is doing, but a part of it also feels like the right thing to do. We already know that Ben was the BIL who encouraged Jinger to look past the IBLP before her new headship, so that kind of idea could already be existing in Jessa’s head. I’m defintely thinking she’s having some tyope oflife crisis right now. But I’m more thinking some type of marriage/family crisis.”

Is Jessa having a crisis right now? Is she nervous about her sister’s book? We will continue to keep an eye on the Duggars to see what happens between these two.

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