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Is Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Living In Her BNB?

Is Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Living In Her BNB?

Sister Wives Season 17 brought a lot of spoilers and they related to whether there were two or three rings falling off the season’s logo. Ultimately, three wives left Kody: Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown. Mind you, it seemed that Kody was the one who wanted Meri gone. Anyway, folks wonder if she stayed in Flagstaff or relocated to her BNB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Was The Last To Leave Kody

Christine Brown seemed to start a trend amongst the wives. When she left, Janelle cheered. Naturally, fans wondered if she’d also follow. Well, she did but apparently, the news was a bit rushed because of spoilers dropped by Gwendlyn Brown. Of course, fans immediately started wondering if the show could go on. Since then, it’s been suggested that it does carry on as Christine shared where she films in Utah.

Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown still seems positive and optimistic despite Kody booting her out. She’s out traveling and enjoying good times with friends. In fact, she was recently in Las Vegas. So, some folks wonder if she moved there permanently. However, others speculate about her living in her BNB in Parowan. Apparently, Janelle still, lives in Flagstaff but she has ties with her sons in the town. Meanwhile, Meri only has one child living in Colorado.

Sister Wives Followers Discuss Meri Brown At The BNB

On February 1, U/yeshyep posted up a question about Meri on Reddit. They wrote, “Just curious, do we know if Meri still lives in Flagstaff? I can’t see a reason why she would stay.”  Well, it generate some ideas and seemed like a reasonable question. Some folks think she might move to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, others are not sure that things are really that bad between Kody and Meri. So, why move at all? But others talked about the BNB.

Is Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Living In Her BNB
u/yeshyep / Reddit

One Sister Wives viewer  U/Acrobatic-Low-6523 suggested, “Maybe she has a lease that she can’t get out of yet. I’m sure she will end up moving somewhere else. I doubt she will live at the Bnb. I personally would hate having strangers in my house all the time. From what I’ve seen, doesn’t seem Meri would either.”

More Thoughts On The BNB

Sister Wives fans seem to agree that the BNB probably won’t be the place that Meri Brown chooses to live permanently. U/Puddlejumper20 said, “I would think she would want to live in a city with a major airport. Vegas is a good location for her with closer driving distance to Lizzie’s. She could always go there in the very hot months.”

Meanwhile, another follower mentioned that if she stayed at the BNB, then it would mean fewer rooms to offer guests. If you don’t know, it’s currently being managed by Meri’s friend, Jenn Sullivan.

Where do you think Meri will live now that she separated from Kody Brown? Let us know in the comments below.

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