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1000-Lb Sisters Fans Freak Out As Tammy Gets Offered Pasta And Hotdogs

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Freak Out As Tammy Gets Offered Pasta And Hotdogs

1000-Lb Sisters fans worry about Tammy Slaton a lot because she seemed to not follow the advice of doctors for her obesity. Well, the new season recapped where she ended up nearly dying and she ended up in rehab. Spoilers revealed that she met her husband Caleb there. But this week, TLC fans are freaking out because of the food she was offered.

1000-Lb Sisters Returned For Season 4 With Tammy Slaton

For a long time, folks believed that the show wouldn’t return. Meanwhile, other rumors suggested that Amy Halterman might not be in it. While folks expected a boyfriend to feature in Tammy’s life, nobody expected that she’d fall in love and get married to Caleb who also struggles with weight loss. So, when new spoilers came along, fans seemed excited. However, their excitement turned to dismay when they heard what sort of food Tammy was offered in rehab.

1000-Lb Sisters fans know that Tammy seems to be quite fake and confuses herself with fibs. So, when she said that Season 4 was happening, some people took it with a  pinch of salt. Anyway, it did come back and fans tune in eagerly. Some of their favorites also feature in it, like Amanda Halterman and Chris Combes. Actually, it’s also interesting to see life in a rehab facility.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Offered Hotdogs & Pasta In Rehab

When a recent episode aired, TLC fans saw that an employee offered Tammy Slaton lasagna, breadsticks, and hotdogs for lunch. Well, some folks think that the menu doesn’t seem very healthy. @ChiChi wrote, “Tammy’s weight is killing her. If she was put on a dr ordered diet, she would lose 50lbs [a] month. So can someone explain why the[y] offer her hotdogs, lasagna & breadsticks?! She’s addicted to food! “

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Freak Out As Tammy gets Offered Pasta And Hotdogs
TLC via @@mydogisphat / Twitter

Other 1000-Lb Sisters viewers asked the same sort of question. In the replies, one of them wrote, “You would think her family would have said something?” Admittedly, the person did also offer broccoli and coleslaw. However, fans needn’t have worried too much about Tammy. She said, “I can’t have any of that.” Then, she explained that she’s “in charge of [her] own weight.” 

One Follower Sehds Some Light On The Rehab

1000-Lb Sisters fans who read the replies on Twitter saw that one person nearly went into the same rehab. @fivehundredpou1 wrote, “I’m kind of shocked at the food choices. I almost went into that rehab 10 years ago before my Lipedema stage 4 diagnosis but found out Medicare would not pay for someone who can still [kind of] walk/cook a meal and realized it was more nursing home than intensive care.”

What are your thoughts about the diet and the fact that the facility doesn’t seem to only cater to those folks who struggle with their weight? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more 1000-lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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