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I Am Jazz Fans Hope That Death Threats Are Creative Editing

I Am Jazz Fans Hope That Death Threats Are Creative EditingI Am Jazz returned with a new season about a week ago, and Jazz Jennings revealed that she felt “terrified” of “death threats.” Of course, it must be terribly frightening because there really are some crazy folks out there. Some TLC fans really hope that it’s just creative editing to highlight the problems that trans folks deal with. But might it be real? Read on to find out what viewers think.

I Am Jazz – Jazz Jennings Grows Up In A Difficult World

Life hasn’t been a doddle in the park for the daughter of Greg and Jeanette. Actually, her siblings and her parents stand up for her but sometimes, they can’t stop the bad things from happening. Actually, many death threats arrived in the past. In 2015, TLC fans saw death threats were a problem. Over the years, more news about them arrived. Clearly, some folks don’t like that a little boy decided to become a girl at a young age.

I Am Jazz fans saw that after her bottom surgery, Jennings decided to sit out studying at Harvard for a bit. Actually, her mental health took a dive and she struggled with her weight. At the time, fans saw that she really had difficulty with binge eating. Plus, her medication didn’t help. In the new season, fans might think that attitude to trans folks changed a lot. After all, across the Western World, perceptions are changing. But unfortunately, it seems there are still haters.

I Am Jazz: Jennings Is At Harvard – Terrified Of Death Threats

Ahead of the show, Jennings took to her Instagram and teased the premiere. In the clip, she revealed that she’s at Harvard and getting death threats on her Apps. In the text overall, it said, “We’ve experienced death threats before but this is different.” Then, she added, “Someone wants to kill me for just being transgender.” Next, she claimed that she felt “terrified.”

I Am Jazz Fans Hope That Death Threats Are Creative Editing
Jazz Jennings / Instagram

I Am Jazz fans know that there are lots of people who get death threats who work in reality TV shows.  Last year, Diana Jenkins from Bravo’s Real Housewives got some and had to increase her security. That highlights that not all of those who get them are trans people. While the threats are a big issue, some people really hoped that they didn’t really happen.

Hopes For Creative Editing

Usually, if TLC shows see any sort of creative editing, they get outraged. However, in the case of I Am Jazz, some folks hope that’s what happened. In the comments section, one follower wrote, “I would say I hope that is just theatrical drama but these days it would not surprise me one bit that this person that is different [from] the rest of us would get death threats.”

One not-so-nice commenter suggested that the entire show is “fake” and the viewer stated, “no one wants to kill this kid.” 

Well, hopefully, that never gets put to the test. Most people don’t think it is creative editing because there seems to be a lot of hate out in the world. Sadly though, statistics mean that the network probably didn’t need to do any creative editing about the death threats. What are your thoughts? let us know in the comments below.

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