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Life After Lockup Spoilers Reveal Blaine Bailey Under House Arrest

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The upcoming season of Life After Lockup brings back Blaine Bailey and Lindsey Downs. If you missed the previous season, you might not know that she split from Daonte Sierra, Fans knew that Blaine loved her, and finally, they took things up as a couple. But, there might be a shock in store for Lindsey as it seems that her lover’s been arrested.

Life After Lockup Stars Do Get Arrested – Is Blaine Under House Arrest?

Most fans of the WEtv show probably won’t raise an eyebrow at the news that Blaine possibly ended up re-arrested. Recall, he was arrested about two years ago. Other stars from the show also ended up in trouble with cops in the past. For example, Kristianna Rothe ended up being arrested after she escaped from custody. Then, she made things worse by not attending her court hearing.

Just a few months ago, WEtv fans questioned whether Blaine and Lindsey were still together. Actually, late last year, everything seemed to be going fine between them. Judging by her social media, LInsdsey and Blaine were doing well. However, that might crash and burn now as the teaser for the new season revealed that Lindsey discovered something she wasn’t expecting.

Life After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Didn’t Know Blaine Was In Trouble?

Starcasm noticed that Lindsey didn’t seem to be aware that Blaine had been arrested. In the preview, the WEtv show revealed that she discovered an ankle monitor when she took off his pants. Well, it turns out that her hopes that he’d stay away from drugs were shattered. Recall, he used to work for her when she dealt drugs.

Life After Lockup Spoilers Reveal Blaine Bailey Under House Arrest
Blaine & Lindsey YouTube

The outlet looked into the charges that Blaine was hit with. Apparently, he faced two separate charges for meth. The Mississippi Dept. of Corrections has him down for house arrest since September last year, and it runs until September this year.  Whether he’d just gotten the ankle monitor when Lindsey discovered it, isn’t clear. Of course, for added drama, she may have already known about it, but that wasn’t shown in the preview.

Unromantic Surprise

In the preview, things went from romantic to seriously not romantic very fast. When Lindsey Downs saw the monitor, she yelled, “What the f–k did you do?” Clearly, she’s not happy, bashing away at him with a pillow. We’re guessing that they gave up on cuddles and went into fight mode. In another scene, the couple got heated about it. Lindsey didn’t want to get into the truck, Instead, she wanted to argue about why he didn’t just tell her about his arrest.

What are your thoughts about Blaine Bailey getting house arrest for meth? Let us know in the comments below.

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