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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Skylar’s Mom Heather Sees Red Flags With Nathan

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Skylar's Mom Heather Sees Red Flags With Nathan

Skylar Rackley of Love After Lockup heard some truths about Nathan Tracy from her mom, Heather. Actually, plenty of red flags arrive with this couple. After all, he seems keen to settle down, but she seems rather more interested in other things. Additionally, he seems very jealous. Finally, Skylar seems to realize that perhaps they rushed things too fast.

Love After Lockup: Skylar Rackley Starts Questioning Nathan Tracy

Recently, WEtv fans saw that Nathan and Skylar had a huge argument. As he wanted to be all romantic, she and the former felon ended up in a blowout battle.  And, it was all because someone just called her up during dinner. Actually, fans realized that things probably wouldn’t work out for them. Now, it seems that Skylar is also wondering if their commitment will work.

While Love After Lockup fans think that Skylar seems almost frivolous about Nathan’s love, she thinks he’s way too possessive. Initially, folks cheered him on because he seems genuine about sticking to the straight and narrow. But, Skylar doesn’t seem to help him much. In fact, it’s a balance between these two as to who will win out at the end of the day. Growing concerned, she chatted with her mom, Heather about the situation.

Love After Lockup: Skylar’s Mom Heather Has Lots to Say To Skylar

Although Skylar doesn’t live with her mom, she decided that she’d go over and chat with her about Nathan. As she felt that Nathan behaved badly, she tells her side of the story. However, Heather wasn’t all that sympathetic. Not because she doesn’t like Nathan, but because she barely knows him. Nevertheless, she sees some huge red fags.

Love After Lockup Spoilers Skylar Mom Heather Sees Red Flags With Nathan
Skylar / WEtv

Love After Lockup fans saw that Heather was straight during her chat with Skylar. Bear in mind, she knows her daughter, And, she’s well aware that Skylar’s also known for pressing buttons that trigger people. However, she certainly agrees that Nathan seems way too possessive. So, the two women can agree that jealousy might be an issue.

Red Flagged Nathan  Might Take Skylar Down

One of Heather’s biggest worries is that the couple might not work out and that could trigger Skylar’s addiction again. Mostly, she worries that Nathan, who also struggles with addiction issues, might relapse as well. From her point of view, both of them need to take a step back and slow up a lot.

Certainly, Love After Lockup fans will be interested to see how Nathan Tracy feels about that. After all, he already heard a similar claim from Skylar Rackley. Naturally, fans who think this just won’t work, wait to see the house of cards come tumbling down. But, when it does, will her mom see her daughter slide into addiction? Actually, it’s a big worry for her mom.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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