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Love After Lockup: Will Monique Robinson Discover Derek Warner’s Secret?

Love After Lockup: Will Monique Robinson Discover Derek Warner's Secret?

Love After Lockup star Derek Warner seems to be putting his relationship with Monique Robinson at risk. Mind you, WEtv fans are of the opinion that he only uses her financially, anyway. Clearly, things go south with his secrecy and lack of truthfulness. So, will she dump him? Read on to find out.

Love After Lockup: Monique Robinson Wasn’t Truthful With Derek

Spoilers for the show revealed that Monique felt very nervous. As he clearly wanted to make things official when he gets out, she should have been more honest about her weight. Recall, she never told him she was larger than average. Still, that doesn’t seem to be the basic reason for the cracks in their relationship.  Once released, he seemed focused on other goals rather than on his girlfriend. So, folks think he just uses her.

One of the main objectives for the Love After Lockup star seems to be getting fit. Actually, he and Monique went together. However, his sister sent her texts that made for feel very angry. After all, he’d been discussing her with others. And, it made her start to see some red flags about being used by him. Naturally, with ambitions to become a licensed trainer, she might end up being his money machine until he’s established.

Love After Lockup: Monique Robinson Is Told Derek Needs Space?

With the sisters getting involved, Monique wants some support from Derek in getting his family to back off. Naturally, she begins to experience trust issues with her boyfriend. However, he’s keeping secrets from her as well. Is the penny finally dropping that this guy’s a user? Remember that time the crazy white car followed them? Obviously, it’s no surprise that she feels suspicious.

Love After Lockup Will Monique Robinson Discover Derek Warner Secret
Love After Lo0ckup Via Distractify

Actually, the love After Lockup star admitted he knew who was in the car. But, he never told Monique. Next, he claimed he wanted some space to get out and about. Notably, without his girlfriend. Feeling really suspicious about everything, she wanted to rather hire a car. And that made Derek Warner seem obviously uncomfortable.

Secrets Emerge

Eventually, spoilers revealed that Derek confessed to the cameras that he had been in touch with a former girl her knew. That came after he claimed that Monique always hangs around him too much. Anyway, she lets him go, and it certainly seems that she will eventually find out that he’s playing two different games.

As the red flags in Love After Lockup fly high, possibly Monique follows him. If she finds out about the other woman, will that end it? Many WETV fans seem to hope so. In fact, they can’t get their heads around the fact that she took so long to pick up the vibe.

What do you think? Once he’s established will Derek take off with his old flame? Let us know in the comments below.

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