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I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings is Using Dating Apps to Find Love Again

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings is Using Dating Apps to Find Love Again

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings will be sharing more of her dating life with viewers this season. She has just started college at Harvard University as a transgender woman. It has been pretty difficult for her to find love. She has gone through major life changes and feels that not too many people can really understand how she feels. Jazz has decided that it could be time to get on some dating apps to find love.

The New Season Surprises

The show is now in its eighth season and began when Jazz was only 14 years old. A lot has definitely changed for the 22-year-old and now that she is in college, even more, changes are happening daily. TLC wrote, “After her first year at Harvard on her own, Jazz returns home to Florida for the summer and asserts her new-found independence.

Jazz works on getting better at asserting herself in her social and dating life as she goes on several dates, including a speed dating event with her longtime transgender friend, Jojo, who now goes by Jaclyn.”

While Jazz is exploring a dating app, she begins to get some really nasty messages from others. Jazz doesn’t know if she can take all of the hate that is being thrown at her. She has a mental breakdown due to all of the backlash that she is getting on these dating apps. This is not at all how she thought it was going to be and doesn’t know if she even wants to date after this. The hard part about all of this is that when she gets back to Harvard, she receives a death threat and this really concerns her parents.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings is Using Dating Apps to Find Love Again

Mom Questions Jazz

As soon as her mother finds out that she is on dating apps, Jeanette Jennings shows Jazz how worried she is for her safety. Her mother thinks these apps are a horrible idea and asks her why she just can’t delete them. All Jazz wants is for her family to show that they support her, but when she is getting death threats, that is pretty hard to do. Her mom tells her that she doesn’t want her on Tinder because she is afraid someone will ask her out and then “beat the s**t out of her, or something.”

Jazz does tell her mom that it is scary to be a trans woman, but “you can’t live your life in fear when it comes to love.” How do you think Jazz is going to do on these dating apps? We will have to tune in and see!

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