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1000-LB Sisters Stars Amy And Amanda Halterman Crack Up Over Yoga

1000-LB Sisters Stars Amy And Amanda Halterman Crack Up Over Yoga

1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 brings more of Amy and Tammy Slaton’s sister, Amanda Halterman. Folks like her because she seems quite level-headed and she’s fun. Mind you, she does get some critics because like Amy, they don’t think she maintains her weight loss very well.  Still, folks weren’t talking about that much when they saw the two sisters joking about Yoga.

1000-LB Sisters Fans Didn’t Initially See Much Of Amanda Halterman

Some folks were a bit puzzled because Amanda has the same surname as Amy’s husband, Michael Halterman. Actually, the family seems quite complex, and it’s thought that Tammy and Amy’s mom Darlene gave birth to those two stars, as well as Chris and Amanda. However, it’s not certain how Misty fits in as Chris’ sister. But, their dads are different. Anyway, Amanda shares the same surname as Michael through marriage. Over the seasons, fans met all of them.

1000-LB Sisters fans saw that there was an extended family, and slowly, they got to know them. Chris emerged in Season 2 to help motivate Tammy. Then, Amanda started taking up more screen time. So, when Season 4 came along and there was more footage of Amanda, fans seemed happy. After all, she seems quite straight with Tammy and she’s also got a big laugh. Clearly, she and Amy Halterman have a close relationship.

1000-LB Sisters Fans See Amy And Amanda Halterman Joking

On January 25, TLC dropped a teaser for the show. Although there’s a lot about Tammy and spoilers about her marrying Caleb in rehab, the others also get screen time.  Before Tammy became jealous and angry with Amy, they used to run their own YouTube and they were popular for being amusing. So, when Amy asked Amanda if she does Yoga, it reminded fans of those good old days.

1000-LB Sisters Stars Amy And Amanda Halterman Crack Up Over Yoga
TLC / Instagram

1000-LB Sisters star Amanda responded to the question about doing “yoga” by saying. “I’ve ate yogurt.” And she added that that’s as close as she ever came to doing it. Next, the sisters started talking about positions. So, Amy joked, “I don’t do yoga. I do the Kama Sutra.” Then, both of them just cracked up laughing,

TLCF Fans Comment

1000-LB Sisters fans took to the comments of the post on Instagram. One of them wrote, “Giving Amanda more of a story line is the best thing you could’ve done! She’s the best.”

Others agreed in the replies. Meanwhile, this comment arrived: “They are so funny and down to earth I really like this family.”

More followed: “Amanda is hilarious! I’m glad she is in the show now!!! 👍🏻”

Do you agree that Amanda Halterman seems like a fun sort of person? Are you happy to see more of her? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC network right now. Come back here often for more 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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