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1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Is Vannessa Pushing Jacob Too Hard To Lose Weight?

1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Is Vannessa Pushing Jacob Too Hard To Lose Weight?1000-Lb Best Friend spoilers reveal that Vannessa Cross recently became very worried over her son Jacob Cross. Jacob is 19 years old and weighs almost 500 pounds, much more than Vanessa presently. Vannessa also recently learned that Jacob is diabetic. However, Vannessa is pushing Jacob to change immediately. Is Vannessa pushing too hard?

Jacob Cross Believes He Has Time To Change

1000-Lb Best Friends Jacob grew up watching his mother’s bad eating habits. Jacob thought that how he was brought up was normal. Unfortunately, Jacob, like his mother, also thought he had all the time in the world to change his eating habits. Jacob is a very large person but is not ready to change even though his mother keeps pushing.

Vannessa immediately took Jacob to the doctor, where they discovered he has diabetes, and she grows very concerned. However, Jacob truly doesn’t understand the rush. Jacob points out to his mother that he is a grown man and this should be his decision. After all, Vannessa waited 44 years to change. Jacob believed he should be able to pick when he wants to change.

1000-Lb Best Friends: Vannessa Wouldn’t Listen To Anyone

Jacob watched as Vannessa went to see Dr. Proctor long before she made her weight loss surgery goals. Vannessa would balk at the foods she was supposed to eat and just do whatever she wanted. Vannessa had already had several health scares, but her health and her children just were enough to force her to change.

Vannessa also tried to force Jacob to begin to exercise and change his diet and everything at one time. Something Vannessa was unwilling to do for years. Vannessa seems to have a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude because she tells her son that she isn’t going to bury him. Jacob has no death wish. Jacob just wants to be his person, just like his mother was for years.

1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Is Vannessa Pushing Jacob Too Hard To Lose Weight?

1000-Lb Best Friends spoilers: Jacob Cross Is Partially Open to Change

Jacob is now acting as though he is open to change. Vannessa reveals that Jacob had changed his diet some. However, when it comes to working out, Vannessa seems to be pushing an awful lot. Should Vannessa take a look back to when she would order nothing but junk food when she met her friends for any kind of get-together?

Vannessa took years to change once she was given the opportunity. Vannessa learned that you have to want to change to make progress. Should Vannessa ease off and allow Jacob to decide for himself? Could the pressure from Jacob’s mother push him to the point of not wanting to work out at all? Will Jacob lose the weight he needs to before his health gets any worse?

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