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Love After Lockup Sees Gabby Nieves’ Life A Mess On And Off Camera

Love After Lockup Sees Gabby Nieves’ Life A Mess On And Off Camera

According to Love After Lockup star, Gabby Nieves, she is currently dealing with some crazy drama. In fact, she says her life is a mess, both on and off the WEtv reality show. In fact, if fans think Gabby’s problems with Chris are bad on the show, they probably won’t believe what is going on away from the cameras.

What is happening with Love After Lockup star Gabby Nieves?

Gabby Nieves and her husband, Chris Walker, have had a rocky start to their relationship. First, the last name issue with Love After Lockup star Chris needs to be resolved. Fans will recall that when the fifth season of the WEtv reality show premiered on December 13, Chris’ last name was reported as “Graham.” However, Nieves has recently shared documents that list his name as Christopher J. Walker.

Now, Gabby has said she “is spitting the fact,” including the many rumors she wanted to clear up. For instance, the WEtv reality star denies spending $30k of Chris’ settlement money on plastic surgeries. Nieves says the money Chris gave her went toward him and his family. In fact, this came after he was calling her every other day telling her to send money to him, or his mom, Felicia.

Moreover, the Love After Lockup star says Chris didn’t buy the car his family is referring to. However, she does acknowledge that Walker gave her $3,000 for the down payment on the vehicle. Meanwhile, she says she is using her own money to make the $500 monthly payments for the car.

Gabby opens up about her relationship

It turns out Gabby has a lot of things she needs to clear up, including saying that Chris is not the one with the money. In fact, she says he is “broke now.” Moreover, she and Walker are reportedly no longer a couple.

According to Gabby, she and Chris separated after he cheated on her in prison. She also alleges that Chris had gotten angry with her and had physically abused her. In fact, according to Screenrant she says she has video proof of this. Moreover, Gabby said that Chris is once again in prison.

Meanwhile, since the show started airing, serious real-life drama has been revealed on Gabby’s social media. First, she started blasting Chris and his family, but she says things got so bad, she deleted some of her social media accounts. In fact, her new Instagram account is set to private.

In fact, a Redditor made a post asking if Gabby had deleted her social media accounts, leading to a whole load of comments, mainly against the WEtv reality star.

Love After Lockup Sees Gabby Nieves’ Life A Mess On And Off Camera

So, since Love After Lockup has begun airing, major real-life drama has been going down on Gabby Nieves’s social media accounts. She began by blasting Chris and his entire family.

However, she says things got so intense that she deleted some social media accounts. Her new account is now set to private. However, some fans captured many of the screenshots, while her live-streaming rants have all been saved online.

Gabby Nieves leaving Love After Lockup

It turns out Gabby also has issues with the WEtv network, saying she doesn’t like their creative editing. In fact, she has had enough of the network trying to make her look bad and wants everyone to know the true story. Moreover, Gabby says the story shared on Love After Lockup is inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Gabby recently updated her followers on her future with the WEtv reality show, saying she has had enough and her experience on the show has been bad. In fact, she has no plans to return.

However, she did add that while her battle with Chris and his family continues, she will keep “defending” herself, while they keep trying to drag her down.

It certainly sounds like Love After Lockup and Gabby’s social media will continue to be drama-filled in her fight with Chris and his family.

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