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Why Do Sister Wives Fans Think Gwendlyn Brown Is Her Own Worst Critic?

Why Do Sister Wives Fans Think Gwendlyn Brown Is Her Own Worst Critic?Sister Wives fans complained to Gwendyln Brown because TLC never showed how much fun she could be. Plus, they discovered on Patreon that she’s really got a great sense of humor and she’s very pretty. Historically, she could be controversial and cutting on Twitter. However, TLC fans are fast falling in love with her. So, some of them wonder why she’s her own worst critic. Read on to find out what’s going on.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Seems To Have Found Happiness

On rare occasions in the past, Christine’s daughter would post a fun sort of thing on social media. However, she was often misunderstood. So, she picked up some heat for that. But lately, the news emerged that she was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Perhaps, she gets some help with that, as she seems to engage with followers very well these days.

Sister Wives fans might see Gwen being a bit outspoken on certain subjects. For example, she roasted her brother Paedon last week. However, she doesn’t seem to deliberately mock her followers and fans these days. Also, she got some kudos for coming out as bisexual, and recently, she became engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz. And that’s when she seemed to be her own worst critic.

Sister Wives – Gwlendlyn Brown Asks For Photo Recommendations

On January 19, Gwen took to her Instagram page and shared a photo of herself with Beatriz Queiroz. In her caption, she said, “still haven’t taken engagement photos 🥲 seriously need to schedule a photographer. any recs?” Well, a number of people sent in ideas, and one of them even suggested Olivia Plath from “Welcome to Plathville.”

Why Do Sister Wives Fans Think Gwendlyn Brown Is Her Own Worst Critic
Gwendlyn Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star also wrote, “i know i look ug but i was so happy i don’t even care :)))).”  Aww! TLC fans felt sad that she thought she didn’t look good. So, plenty of folks told her that she is actually quite stunning. One follower wrote, “Ug is in the eye of the beholder. And from the lol of your [fiance’s] smile as she’s taking a photo with her love I’d say she thinks you’re far from ug. That’s the important part❤️.”

Her Own Worst Critic

Sister Wives fans said that Gwendlyn looks “amazing,” and “beautiful.”  Then, another one wrote, “I see no ug here. I see a lot of genuine HAPPY!!!❤️❤️.” So, a follower noted, “We are always our worst critics. You look adorable and so happy!”

Do you agree that Christine’s daughter seems to be her own worst critic? Do you agree that she looks beautiful and so very happy? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about Gwendlyn Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives.

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